First Ever BC Provincial Yoyo Championships

The BC Provincial Yoyo Championships.   The first ever BC Provincial Yoyo Championships was a hit!  We had a great turnout with over 100 people in attendance.  Yoyoers ranging from complete beginners to two Canadian champions spent the afternoon yo-yoing, competing and generally having a good time.  The day started with a kendama contest hosted…


Favorite Yo-Yo Videos – Old School, with JT Nickel and Aaron Davis by Ume

First things first, I’m going to be using the word “Technical” and the word “slack” probably too many times in this article. These 2 players, JT Nickel and Aaron Davis are both monsters at creating incredibly technical tricks, and both perform these tricks with ease.  JT is a master at incorporating his arms into his…

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Interview with MonkeyFinger Design’s Tyler Jorgensen

Interview with MonkeyFinger Design’s Tyler Jorgensen! Today I will be speaking with Tyler Jorgensen, a sponsored player from Canada’s MonkeyFinger Design, Host of The Yoyo Show, and organiser of 2015 Idaho States. Q So Tyler, what made you start yoyoing? A Well the first time I really saw a yo-yo was in third grade when…