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:captured: – Eternal Throw VICTORY

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(happy birthday Victoria)

This is the awesome new yo-yo from Eternal Throw. The Victory drops today and a bunch of online stores! It is scheduled for review later this year, but I will go ahead and say that if you can get a hold of one, you should jump at it.

Calypso :captured:

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Quoting YoYoWiki

The Calypso is a wooden yo-yo with a fixed metal axle made by Doble. It was designed for long sleep times. It previously held a world record for fixed axle sleep time at 63 seconds

I got this from the one and only Doc Pop. I consider to to my one of the jewels of my collection. My personal sleeper record on it is 48 seconds.

:captured: San Francisco

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If you like pictures, and happen to like my pictures, then I think you will like the enclosed 122 images taken during the week I was in San Francisco.
If not, then pretend you never saw this post.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programing

PRODUCT REVIEW | The Omnicron X by 3yo3

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Landon Balk is a wizard. I can imagine his surprise when his invitation from Yogwarts, School of Yo-Yo Wizardry arrived that fateful day. The joy he must have felt when assigned to Modffindor must have been a delight to witness. The story of his victory over Jugglemort (the evil lord of magical juggling) is the stuff of legends….. Alright, I think I stretched that out long enough. Bottom line is that Landon Balk does amazing work and his recent first place win in the Modding contest at Worlds is a testament to that. His latest release is the Omnicron X, a metal anodized variation of the acrylic Omnicron. The Omnicron X is a co-design between Landon Balk and 3yo3 team member CJ Atkinson. It is CJ’s signature yo-yo.
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YoYoJam Cerberus – Not your momma’s purse dog

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YoYoJam is releasing this yo-yo soon.  It is the Cerberus  and it is one of the largest yo-yo YoYoJam has released that wasn’t designed for 4a.

* approximate* specs. Will post actual specs when I get them.  This is Mark Yoshihiro “Yoshi” Mikamoto’s Signature yo-yo.

Weight – 68 grams
Diameter – 60 mm
Width – 44 mm

A very special :captured: for Josh Yee and all you Bronies

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Disclamer: This edition of :captured: is purely for fun, with zero artistic merit, and zero value except for people to roll their eyes at.  Specifically it is a joke for my friend Josh Yee.  If you want SRSNEWSONLYABOUTMYYOYOS then go ahead and skip to the next post.

More photos and the story after the jump...

Click the link for the rest.
Update: Thanks to the Equestria Daily (brony blog) for the shoutout.
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:Captured: – The Aoda Immortal / Eternal Star

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I have heard this yo-yo called both the Immortal Star and the Eternal Star. Whatever it is, it is now :captured:
I also learned that it is not a spintop. It just… transforms.
Extremely early feedback. It plays better without the metal stacks. The Stacks are held on with screws, which means you need a tool to attach and detach them. As a ball it is essentially a giant keychain.
– Scheduled for a review in March