Monkeyfinger and King Yo Star Collaborate on Silverback King!

Introducing the Silverback King! MonkeyfingeR Design and King Yo Star worked through 4 stages of prototypes honing this design to create an off-string yo-yo intended to bridges the gap between the ideal throw for learning, and a competition throw.  Crafted out of Delrin, it was extensively tested (i.e. bashed around) on every surface they could find. This 4a design is intended for beginner play…

Its officially Lights Out for YoYoJam

YoYoJam announced today in an official press release that they are closing doors at the end of the year. For nearly 17 years YoYoJam has provided patents that revolutionized the industry, designs that changed the direction of modern yoyo play, products used by multiple World Champions and National Champions from all across the globe, and…

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