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I have been sitting at my computer now for an hour trying to figure out how to write this out. The best way is to just be straight forward and come from the heart… it’s not you, its me.


No but really. I really love all of you guys. The readers, fans, and yes even “teh haters.” For 5 years has been my passion and my drive in the yo-yo world. When I started there were only a handful of yoyo web blogs but now…. now there are HUNDREDS. The landscape is changing and the time has come for me to realign my hobbies to my lifestyle. I am a father who is getting ready to add to our family through adoption, I have a full time career that is very demanding of my energy, and I am quickly approaching a few specialty training courses followed up by a Masters program. I am a busy guy and as much as I love bringing everyone in the yo-yo world news, reviews and videos I just don’t have enough time to juggle everything effectively. I have to focus on my family, my career, and my education and to do that unfortunately I have to make responsible sacrifices. That’s right, being an adult can suck.

So I am placing on indefinite hiatus. That is a fancy way of saying YoYoSkills is on hold, and maybe if things align or change I may re-launch YoYoSkills.

A few questions I expect:

Are you quitting yoyoing?
No, Just the website, and its not quitting its just on hold. I still plan to come to contests and be part of the community.

Are you going to sell the domain?
No, and I won’t autoforward it either. There may be a few tweaks to the front page but the main site will stay up in archive mode.

Can we still comment on stuff?

What about YoYoNation?
The YoYonation project turned into a giant cluster of programmers rage. I am still picking apart the code to dig for the the online content from the store. If I come up with anything salvageable I will upload it. The forum is at is up but in all forms of reality should be considered “For reference use only.”

Will you still be selling the Skill Life Shirt and the Throw Game?
Yes, links are in the side bar.

Was that a shameless plug?
Your mother…

Where will you go now?
Wherever there is new content… I’ll be there. Wherever there is a new video… I’ll be there. Wherever there is El Guapo, the Three Amigos will be there…. I’ll be around also. I may find another role in the yo-yo world that doesn’t require daily site updates, but we shall see. In the mean time there is always Facebook and Twitter

Any other questions, feel free to hit me up. I do really love this site and all of you. 5 years of my blood, sweat and tears are embedded in this PHP and HTML script bag along with a ton of time and dedication but the professional career world is calling, the kids need help with homework, and I have a book report due on Tuesday.

Love you all

- Chris Allen

Skill Life Shirts – NOW ON SALE

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Only $15 plus S&H for a limited time! Regular price will be $18.95

Skill Life Shirt (S)
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In Memorandum – Bob Bowden – 1954-2013

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Yesterday while on “Post Worlds” phone call with Greg Cohen, Greg revealed to me that the legendary Bob Bowden passed away having lost his battle with cancer. Bob was a pillar in the yo-yo community during the last yo-yo boom. He is one of the few yoyoers who found his work published on a world wide scale and was key in the promotion of many yo-yo companies. Bob was also one of the first yoyoers with an online presence paving the way for sites like
I never had the pleasure to meet Bob in person, but his death will have an impact on the yo-yo world as his life did. I asked Chuck Short, a close friend and colleague to Bob Bowden to write a few words.

Bob Bowden, a pioneer in the on-line presence of the art and sport of yo-yoing, passed away on August 6th, a day after his 59th Birthday, after a long bout with cancer.
A resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, Bob worked over the course of 3 decades teaching and inspiring thousands of others to yo-yo through the Spintastics “Science of Spin” program, as well as authoring two books on the subject, “Awesome yo-yo tricks” and “Yo-Yo for beginners” .
Bob may be best known for his role as a participant and administrator in the first established yo-yo chat at, where we made hundreds of friends throughout the world and established himself as someone that could be relied on for information and help. His work continued through his web site “Bob’s Land O’ Yo” a very early resource for information and links to other yo-yoing related sites. Beside working extensively with Spintastics and their elementary school based programs throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Bob was one of the attendees of the now famous “Yo-Yo University” seminars put on by HPK marketing in Hawaii in 1998, that featured many of the top yo-yo performers and instructors of the day, many of which are still active today, and has been thought of as a catalyst for the famous “yo-yo boom” in the late 90s and early 2000s.
Bob served for many years as a member of the Board Of Directors of the American yo-yo Association (AYYA) and was the first international member of the board.

Since being diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago, Bob has turned his attention to another of his great passions in life, the guitar, and has been very actively involved with making as much music as possible, playing hundreds of shows as part of his own “music therapy”.
Bob touched a pot of peoples lives and was a beloved character to people that have known him over the years, both in and out of the yo-yo scene, and he will be deeply missed by this family and many friends.

Nostalgia – Just because

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When Fantasia 2000 came out in 1999 , it was at the tail end of the yo-yo boom and let me tell you, this clip make my 20 year old heart sing with joy and it made me feel like a 5 year old again, stealing my sisters Yoffy yoyo and falling in love with the toy that would grow to define a large part of my life. I had kind of a hard day today (just busy) at work so I thought I would cheer myself up, and then I thought I would cheer you up also.


Boston….. Focus

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I don’t want to go into the politics of it.

I had a write up and deleted it, and wrote again and deleted it.  This went on for about an hour.

The bombings are, were, and continues to be terrible.  The marathon that was hit is an annual event that caters to a niche group of enthused competitors.  An event like this is something we all can relate too.

Please take a moment and focus prayers, good thoughts, and support on Boston.

You can go here if you need help getting a hold of someone

Boston Mayor’s Hotline for families of victims: 617-635-4500
Boston Police line for witnesses who may have information: 800-494-8477

My thoughts are with the yoyoers in and around Boston, and the families of the victims.

Paul Ash – AKA Sniffy-Yo – In Memorial

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Today I found out that I lost a colleague. There is really no way to cushion the blow except come right out and say it. Paul Ash, also known as Sniffy-Yo, took his own life. He left a personal note filled with anger and suffering and made the decision to take his own life. I knew Paul in the yo-yo world, but not well enough to call him a close and personal friend. I wish I did though. I wish I had known he needed a place to stay and an ear to listen. I wish I knew him better.  I wish I was able to be there for him in his time of need. My interactions with Paul were all positive. He came to me with advice for Video Reviews, and also offered me feedback on my written reviews. We would send yoyos back and forth to each other and at one point, we considered merging the Sniffy and YoYoSkills blog. Paul was a great asset to this community and never asked for special treatment or favors. He was a connection I was proud to have and valued. His opinion mattered when it came time to increase your collection, and that already short list of people has gotten even smaller. He will be missed by the yo-yo community, and by me. Paul is, was, and always will be a source of knowledge, unbiased opinion, and inspiration. He gave without expectation of receiving. We will miss you Paul.  You had a greater impact than you ever could have known.

I have more news for the day, but will not be posting it. Today I lost a colleague in the yo-yo blogging world and out of respect, YoYoSkills will stand still.

I have asked a few people to write about Paul. Zammy was the first to respond. If more would like to remember Paul in your own words, please use the comment section below.


“Paul Sniffy Ash was not only a “good” person but in my eyes a “great” person. I say of this with full confidence and I have never once met the man face to face. But there was this fun type of vibe I got when I would speak to him through Twitter. He would often cheer me up when I was down, we would often speak of yoyo and we were in discussion of his new Sniffy interview series. His hardwork for the community through his reviews/videos were very important and some of the most unbiased straight forward reviews out there. I always had a good read over them. He really cared about yoyos and in general cheering people up, or at least to me.

We spoke about our own demons we dealt with, and he gave me quite a bit of good life advice. I’ll remember it for a long time. Thank you Sniffy for everything. I hope you are at peace. RIP 2-13-2013″

David from OneDrop had this to say:

Sniffy-Yo (Paul Ash) passed away on 2/8/13. R.I.P.

Your excellent blog and clever reviews will be missed by many. Your passion and how it enabled you to do charity projects like the one you did for will be one of your legacies. It was an honor to work with you on that.


We lost one of our own – R.I.P Nate Dewitt

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NOTE: I talked to a Fox News reporter today about Nate. They asked a few questions that I was unable to answer since I did not know Nate. I believe this video (found on who also have a very touching story from Augie Fash) is the news report that I was being asked about. If anyone knows anything, please get that info to the right people or even do it anonymously so that Nate’s family can gain some sort of footing on this extremely unstable ground.

Nathan Dewitt, of Chandler, demonstrates his skills during First Fridays in Phoenix on July 1, 2011. –

This truly is the worst part of running a news blog in such a focused community. I just found this out and am providing the information I have available to me at this time.

Nathan Dewitt, 2005 PNW champion, yoyo instructor, died in a car crash having sustained injuries from a gun shot.

From the San Francisco Chronicle -

PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities say a man is dead after being shot and then crashing his car into a tree in Phoenix.
Phoenix police say 23-year-old Nathan Dewitt died early Wednesday after being taken to a hospital.
Police and Phoenix Fire crews responded to a rollover crash shortly after midnight and found an SUV on its side.
They say Dewitt crawled out of the vehicle and had been shot.
Police say it’s still unclear if Dewitt died from the shooting wound, injuries from the crash or both.
Detectives are trying to determine what happened leading up to Dewitt’s death and say he possibly was at Christmas party before the shooting and crash.

I did not know Nathan personally, but the yoyo community is so small and connected, we all feel it when a member of ours is lost.

- chris

Operation: Green Triangle #OGTyoyo

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Like the trick it is named after, Operation Green Triangle may be hard. It may be hard to give up a part of your collection, but once your donation is completed it can be very satisfying.

The three points of the Green Triangle represent the three charities I want to focus on. You can technically donate to any charity, but the American Cancer Society (ACS), the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) and CureSearch for Children’s Cancer are my personal three tiers of charity donations. Here is why.

Support – The American Cancer Society is a massive organization that provides services on a breadth of areas but primarily focuses on patient support. Helping patients and families with therapy and support is a drastically needed service and the American Cancer Society does a phenomenal job.

Research – The Cancer Research Institute is dedicated to finding novel ways to harness the our own immunities and boosting the healing power of our own bodies to fight and cure cancer. This is important in finding ways to prevent cancer in the first place, and provide treatments to patients who cannot receive chemotherapy or aggressive therapy treatments.

Children – CureSearch for Children’s Cancer funds and supports children’s cancer research and provide information and resources to all those affected by children’s cancer.

  • Step 1:  Find an item that you want to donate
  • Step 2: Go to the “Sell” page
  • Step 3: Fill out the listing with pictures and details.  Be sure to use #OGTyoyo in the title
  • Step 4: Under “Choose how you’d like to sell your item” look for “Giving Works and click “select another nonprofit you love”
  • Step 5: Select American Cancer Society (ACS), the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) or CureSearch for Children’s Cancer (Or another of your choice)
  • Step 6: Complete your auction and put the link in the comments below or on the YoYoExpert Thread
  • Step 7: Put item in shipping box and ship it to the buyer.  Smile knowing you may be stopping cancer, helping someone treat cancer, or helping a child with cancer




The following items are being sold under Operation: Green Triangle

Great ways YoYoers can SUPPORT Cancer Research and Treatment RIGHT NOW

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After yesterdays post, I spent a lot of time in chat and on the phone with a few people and we decided that the injustice presented would not go unanswered.  Here are THREE great ways you can support Cancer Research.  More may follow.

First way to slap cancer in the face:

YoYo Community ( is teaming up with some of the industries best vendors to fundraise for the American Cancer Society during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Starting October 3rd, they will begin pre-sales for their first item by Toxic Strings, the Brett Grimes Signature BG-1s, in all PINK! Future fundraising items will be PINK Drop Bears by Ten YoYo, PINK Nessie T-shirts by G Squared YoYos, PINK Packaged Trifecta Bearings by Twisted Stringz, PINK YoYo Community YoYo Holders by Coty Michelle, along with contest prizes donated by King Yo Star YoYo’s to name a few.

You will be able to see how much is being donated on each item in their shop and can follow along with each sale to see how much is being raised. Every Monday they will donate the raised amount for the previous week to the American Cancer Society and will post the transaction on their Facebook page ( Twitter account ( and on their website.

Second way you can tell cancer to “COME AT ME BRO”

YoYoJam’s Pink sale

Vera Bell, wife of YoYoJam’s President Dale Bell, is a breast cancer survivor. So every year, we run a special edition yo-yo in her honor and donate 100% of the proceeds to breast cancer research. This year, the special edition is a Hot Pink Classic! We are taking 100 of these to Nationals where they will be available for $10 each. Pick up yours and help us raise $1000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


THIRD way you can put Cancer in a Head Lock and SLEEPER HOLD OF JUSTICE

Lastly, I started an auction drive called Operation Green Triangle.  Hopefully this will be an annual thing.

Cancer has in some way affected 40% of the global population.  Nearly 1 in 2 people have either had cancer, had a close call with cancer, lost a loved one to cancer, or are actively seeking treatment for cancer and the money promised to the American Cancer Society was stolen

Today, with the assistance and council of a few key members in the yo-yo community, I am announcing

Operation Green Triangle  – #OGTyoyo for short
The Green Triangle is a core trick in the development of a modern yoyoer.  It is difficult to learn, satisfying to master, and has three points.

What I am asking, is for community participation:
Pick an item in your collection.  Post it up to ebay with 100% of the auction going to a Cancer Charity, and use the tag #OGTyoyo in the title.   

Using eBay Giving Works, you can set an auction to donate 100% of that auction to a specific registered charity of your choice.    eBay waves the listing and selling fees and the money goes directly from the buyer to the charity.  There is no middle man.  Once the funds are transferred, the seller receives shipping instructions for the buyer.  This setup is 100% transparent and ensures that all promised auctions funds… 100% of them go directly to the charity.  No middle man.  No product to anyone but the buyer, no money to anyone but the charity.  Period end.

From now until the November 1st,  eBay auctions using the tag #OGTyoyo will be captured in a widget on YoYoSkills.  Successful sales will be tracked.  When you create your auction post a link to it on this thread. I’ll keep an updated list of what was donated and who donated it. The total amount raised will be presented at the end.  I will be auctioning off some items from my personal collections for this charity drive.   My auctions will be set to automatically transfer 100% of the sale going to one of my chosen charities.  My hope is that you will do the same.

Thank you to Jason Week, Paul Escolar, LJ (vega), Caribou Chris, Zammy, Jrod, Louis Alley and all the others who provided input and feedback

Thank you to YoYoJam, Tony Alonzo, Coty Michelle, and Jacob Gross for getting me the info.



Theyo forum and

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Well guys this is something that is near and dear to my heart.   Theyo forum is celebrating 10 years since YoMike started it and Theyostore, now Theyostoretoo.  Claudia Cuff (YoSis) and Randy Bird (YoCuz) have announced that in the up coming weeks, the product line is going to be updated and expanded.  Also as a special treat, Randy has worked it out with OneDrop to produce a special edition Cascade for Theyo’s tenth anniversary. More info can be found here.  Theyo was the first yoyo forum that I joined and was the only one I was a part of for a long while.  So this announcement is something that I am very happy about.  When Mike passed away, I was afraid that the forum and the store would be lost.  So let me take this time to put in a plug for both.  Theyo forum has taken a new lay out that is very clean and easy to navigate.  Theyo still has some very good members that frequent the forum.  The store may not have the same volume of items that some of the other sites have, but they still have some very nice yoyos that you would have a hard time finding anywhere else.  So take some time to check it out.

Hey Josh Yee, you so craaaaaaaaaaaaazy (Madhouse)

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Josh Yee is a long time contributor and friend of I have always thought that Josh should be sponsored. He is constantly in the top 10 in contests and plays all 5 play styles. He is a talented dude and now, he is sponsored by Madhouse YoYo’s! family member Josh Yee is moving into the big leagues and we here at YoYoSkills are very excited for him.

“We here at the MadHouse have been talking with this player for the last year about his and our philosophy and perspectives on the yoyo community and he has decided to go with us.
So we are proud and excited to announce that we just picked up Josh Yee!… for the MadHouse.
Josh has been a great contributor and motivator in the yoyo community. We feel with his unique talents and our distinctive and interesting products it’s a perfect fit! So we are proud to welcome Josh to the MadHouse! We look forward to seeing what Josh accomplishes in the future!… “

Dear – Happy 4th Birthday!

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My how the years have passed. Today marks the 4th complete publication year of It seems like only yesterday I was interviewing Hans and John Higby, and getting ready to do my first review. Since inception, has had 6.8 Million visits and over 18.8 Million page views. YoYoskills has been read in almost every country on the planet. now has an average of 600k page views a month. This last year I experimented with a few ideas like My(dot) and Made(dot).  I was trying to fill more needs and provide more support to the yo-yo world.  While not all of the idea’s stuck I learned from them and am pushing forward with bigger, more grandiose ideas

This next year, YoYoSkills is going to take slight a direction change. We have a few actual product ideas that should excite the  yo-yo world.  We will make the first of these exciting announcements in the next few months. With new reviewers on staff, different writers will have a focus area in which should excite collectors. With some luck, YoYoSkills will turn 5 bigger and better this time next year. We are also for the first time ever sponsoring yoyo players. The goal of the YoYoSkills Players Team is to promote new talent and help them get picked up by the big named companies. We had our first graduate, Dylan Benharris, get picked up my Timeless YoYo’s earlier this month. I am very excited to see where the Azevedo Brothers Nick and Andrew and the talented Carter Bliss end up. Expect more players in the future and more videos promoting these talented players.

None of this would be possible without the Staff, my Family, the yoyo companies who send review units and news, and most importantly the support of YOU the readers. exists because of you.  Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

To celebrate, we are once again going to give away stickers.

The Sticker - Designed by Colin Leland

The Sticker – Designed by Colin Leland

You will get the sticker and while supplies last, a random sticker from my giant box of yo-yo sticker. All you need to do is send me a self addressed, Postage Paid (stamped) envelope to the address below. One request per person. Please allow a few weeks for delivery as I stuff the envelopes. Supplies are limited and this is a one time offer.

Happy Birthday to all the readers.
It would make my day if you “Liked” the Facebook page and left a Happy Birthday message there or maybe a tweet

For a Sticker:

Send a Self Addressed and Postage Paid envelope to: Birthday
P.O. Box 81
Sheridan CA 95681