World Spin Top Contest – August in Reykjavik

World Spintop Contest: August 10th to 12th, and the 18th Reykjavik, Iceland (in conjunction with the World Yo-Yo Contest). It consists of a freestyle to music of 3 minutes where the players add points for difficulty, originality and number of tricks. The International Top Spinners Association, ITSA (www.spintops.org), a non-profit corporation, certifies the results. Here…


Interview with Christian Encomienda, A.K.A. Kitchyo Mods!

Interview with Christian Encomienda, A.K.A. Kitchyo Mods! Today I have a very special interview lined up for us. I will be speaking with Kitchy, a rising star in the yoyo world, quickly becoming famous through his amazing anodizing jobs. Q: So Kitchy, tell us, how did you get started with Yoyoing? Kitchy: Let’s see lol…..

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