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Micro Review | Twisted Stringz – Feed Thy Yo-Yo

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For the last month, I have been working through seven sample bags of Twisted Stringz. These designer strings are hand made in Seattle Washington by Jen Jenn. I am sure you have heard of Twisted Stringz, because everyone is raving about their designs. All are bright, eye catching, and very durable. Here are some thoughts on each type.

Type A – Polyester Nylon: Heavy, and stiff. Big open looks on whips. Great for whips and revolutions.

Type A1 – Polyester Nylon: Heavy, good whips, same benefits as Type A but softer.

Type B – Polyester
Personal favorite in the entire sample batch. Long durability, fresh feel, Heavy weight. Goldilocks of the Twisted String line. Not to rough, not to soft, just right.

Type C – Polyester
All the love and benefits of Type B except thinner and lighter weight.

Type D – Polyester
Really thick, really heavy, really soft, and really fast. Type D has a long string life and decent durability.

Type E – Polyester
The most like a traditional poly. A bit rougher than the rest of the line but holds tension well and lasts longer than traditional poly

Twisted Kevlar Polyester
Heavy heavy heavy string. Rougher than other types but softer than mist Kevlar string. Great for fast play and big whips. A bit rough on the hands. Extra care should be made to maintain tension because it got a little squirrely for me, but most definitely the longest lasting of all available Twisted Stringz types. If you like heavy and rough string, this is your food of choice.


Honestly that is a lot of string formats. 7 formats, all with a different play feel, and at varying whip speeds. My favorite of the bunch is Type B. First off, I dug the colorway. When it comes to strings, the brighter the better. I also love the feel. I am kind of a texture freak. Anything that feels like velvet or satin can die in a fire because it literally makes my fingertips itch. Goldilocks, that is Type B, is wonderful. Just rough enough to have texture, but soft enough to not be sand paper. I am also really impressed with the durability. I have started leaning towards heavy yoyos in my play time and you can shred a cheap string pretty quickly when you go on a regen binge. Type B is my enabler.
You can get Twisted Stringz at a few store fronts or directly from Twisted Stringz via the Facebook Page.

Benji Sharib’s YoYoCozies

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Get cozy, because the talented Mr. Sharib is adding a yo-yo accessory to your list of options that you never knew you needed!

These YoYoCozies are hand knit by Mr. Sharib. The idea being that you could tuck your throw away into this little armor of yarn and toss it in your bag, lunch sack, purse, or clip it to your yoyo holster. I tried it for a few weeks and as advertised, it kept the yo-yo from getting scratched in transit.
They come is a few different sizes and in some pretty cool colorways. Ideal if you prefer carting around your throws in a loose backpack instead of a hard case.
>> Benji’s Facebook

Chapman’s Yo-Yo Gloves

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I have always found that yo-yo gloves were a complicated and heavily opinionated topic in the yo-yo world.  For years, yoyoers have debated between the need for gloves and with those that like gloves, which gloves to use.  David Chapman discovered there were not any gloves on the market to match what he wanted in a glove so he did what any young entrepreneur does and made his own.  David hand stitched this spandex glove for me.  He has said he plans to sell them.  Not a bad glove.  Comfortable, thick, and a nice stitch job.  The exposed thumb is also a nice touch. Now I am  not really a glove type of guy myself but having tried a fair share of cotton, nylon, and spandex gloves over my yoyohood, this is one of the nicer ones.

>>You can reach David at his Facebook page.

MonkeyfingeR Pic

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Pic your gap, not your nose

I don’t like taking my yo-yo apart to dig out dropped GT’s and knots so I carry a paper-clip in my wallet but to be honest with you, the paper-clip is always getting caught on stuff and getting bent up. When MonkeyfingeR Yo-Yo’s contacted me about the Pic, I was not sure how much I would actually use it but I was more then willing to drop the Pic on my keychain and give it a go.
Bottom line: It works, its not in my wallet breaking my cards and snagging the sleeves, and it is convenient.
It also looks like half of a Ying-Yang.
I understand that MonkeyfingeR has also put a string cutter on the new model. This makes it even more convenient.
>> MonkeyfingeR YoYo’s

iPhone App Review – Inside Loop

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For the past two weeks I have been taking a lengthy look into the Inside Loop application for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. The app was created by Arron Sparks and Sam Veale, two UK based yoyo demonstrators with an instructional DVD. Sam and Arron also do trade shows, school performances, and Group Sessions with a good amount of comedy mixed in.

The application is fairly simple. The user is presented with four main screen giving them a twitter feed to follow the Inside Loop team, an about page, and a video page. The video page is really the heart and soul of the application. There area six categories including an Introduction and Extras. The four core levels of the video section are Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. Between the four sections, the Duo cover everything from Sleeper and Walk the Dog in Basic, to Split the Atom and Boing-E-Boing. Each video is filmed in high quality on a black floor / black drape backed soundstage. Arron and Sam are really the only thing visible on screen and good use of lighting to make sure nothing distracts you from the instruction. The duo also provides narration for the videos accompanied by a good music selections that match the tricks performed. Both Arron and Sam have great voices and accents that make listening to them easy engaging. The commentary during the Mach 5 introduction is pretty classic. I would recommend this application for a beginner.  It covers the tricks found on an introductory club card and ventures into the more intermediate category. The videos have good clear instruction and are easy to follow.

At 2.99 in the App Store, the Inside Loop application has a good number of professional quality videos with solid trick instruction. If you are looking for some basic yo-yo instruction, or have a friend that has an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad who is looking to get into yoyoing, the Inside Loop app is a good choice.


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Shinwoo’s Updated Plastic line

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Shinwoo Specs

Shinwoo Griffin Wing

Shinwoo Phantom

Shinwoo ZanNavi






Butterfly / Wing

Butterfly / Wing

Butterfly / Wing

Weight (g)




Width (mm)




Diameter (mm)




Gap Width (mm)




Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width)




Over the last week, I have been trying out Shinwoo’s new plastic line. Truth be told, the new line is almost exactly like the old line, except a few adjustments that honestly make all the difference in the world. Since the primary difference in all these models is the response system, I am just going to touch of a few things on each model and then focus on the new Shinwoo response system.

Griffin Wing –

Honestly, I am the last person that should be reviewing an offstring yo-yo. I suck at Offstring. I can toss it up, catch it, whip catch, grind catch, and bind. That is about it. I think once, I was able to do leg hops but that is only because I can do that with a diabolo. What I can tell you is that for a low price, the Griffin Wing is very sturdy and with the exception of user error, the GW is free from tilts and wobble. It sits about midway between a Hayabusa from Duncan and a BigYo by YoYoJam. The outer rubber is durable and a cool translucent color. Shinwoo updated the response, and thickened the body for added support. All in all, a 20 foot toss that missed, bounced around the stage, and slammed into a wall was met with a “Give Me More” attitude. Durability is not a concern with the new Griffin Wing.

Phantom –

I remember the first Phantom I threw. I hated it. I could not get the response system to react constantly, and it just felt like a cheap FHZ knock-off. The new Phantom with the new Shinwoo response system is a different story. While the only visible change is the response system, the ability to change up your response with ease is a real nice feature that offers a lot of customability. More on that in a minute. With the removal of the plug in pad response, the Phantom can step out not as a FHZ knockoff, but as an affordable plastic alternative that learned a lesson from expensive metals and adapted accordingly. If the FHZ is just too big for you, this is a good alternative.

Zan Navi –

I had never owned a ZanNavi before this setup of micro-reviews. The rubber grip outer rims are not that dissimilar in feel to the Duncan Throw Monkey. In some of my most basic drop tests, the ZanNavi had about as much bounce. What really makes this throw unique is how far the rim rubber goes into the gap. I worry that over time as the yo-yo gets more and more 5a abuse, the rubber towards the inside of the gap will start to wear down and fray, causing sections that could lead to badly timed snags. While still considered full sized, the Zan Navi is smaller than the Throw Monkey and features the new Shinwoo response system.

New Response System –

This is what draws the line from other plastic lines. The response system that Shinwoo has adopted is just fantastic. The blue rings are flat on one side, and have a soft starburst on the other. This give you plenty of options on responsiveness to let you completely customize these throws to be exactly how you want them to be. Shinwoo also has started bundling red silicone rings that when installed; create a grippy response that takes the yo-yo to a completely oldschool responsive feeling. The groove is also deep enough to take flowable silicone. More than any other feature, the new response system in the Shinwoo line makes any yo-yo in this group a potentially awesome throw. When you consider all the response options that are available on the Shinwoo line- silicone, ring, flat, or soft starburst- I have no doubt that you will find the setting that makes the yo-yo perform the way you want them to. At such a low price, there is very little risk in trying them out and experimenting to bring them to the settings you want.

Written by Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen, who is still recovering from an exhausting but successful Cal States.

Edited by Dustin “Splugen” Gunter, who fights the urge to yell ZAN NAVI OVER AND OUT every time he picks up the ZN.

Micro-Review – Save Deth Vol II DVD

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What happens when you mix some of the worlds most style centric, and influential yo-yoers with award quality filming, editing, and camera work?  If your answer is “Eye Chocolate” then you are almost correct.  Save Deth Vol II is incredible.  Featuring segments including:

  • Dave Poyzer
  • Seth Peterson
  • Adam Brewster
  • Paul Han
  • Ray Godefroid
  • Jensen Kimmitt
  • JonRob
  • Mark Allen
  • Hank Freeman
  • Doctor Popular
  • Tyler Severance
  • Danny Severance
  • Joey Fleshman
  • Alex Willden
  • Markmont
  • Justin Weber
  • Sebastien Brock
  • Abe “Da Grave Digga” (He lights a fart… not kidding)
  • And more…

This video is basically yoyo diabetes it is so sweet. (dvdbetes?)   Stunning tricks, larger than life personalities, and The only thing more impressive that the cast list and yoyoing is the incredible camera work and editing done by Dave and Seth.  If you don’t have this DVD, you need it.  It is an evening of pure Yo-Yo joy.

27 Segments, Special Features, Easter Eggs.  Easily justifiable for $20. (On sale for $18!)

Available at most online yoyo stores and

Display your Collection with Budgeted Style

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I have gone through a few yoyo display shelves, and never was able to find one that didn’t constantly did not fall over.

Well, this is an inexpensive way to securly display your yo-yo’s

Materials: 1 3×4 Pegboard

A large amount of outchless hair ties

Stickers and yo-yos

Total cost of materials (hairbands and pegboard) 10 bucks

M1 – More Choices = Win Sauce

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Silicone Groove M1

In the picnic of yoyo life, OneDrop is the Barbecue Sauce of Awesomeness.  

Recently OneDrop released a version of the M1 with a Silicone Groove as apposed to a Pad Recess.   While I happen to prefer pad response, I have to applaud OneDrops commitment to letting you, the yo-yoer, make the decision of what you want in your yo-yo’s. 

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Chaos Strings – Twisted Poly Coated in Win

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Just a quick note about Chaos Strings…..   They are awesome.  Whips like an alchemy, tension like a G-String, and easy on your hands.  I burn through strings faster then I burn through low carb Rock Stars, but Chaos Strings last me days.  I have had the same 616 string on my M1 for two weeks now…. TWO WEEKS of my main carry and it is still bright, strong, and wonderful.   They are so good, that OneDrop is using them on all its yo-yo’s in package!  

"borrowed" picture from the OneDrop site....

You can get them at the OneDrop store.  at 2.50 a pack (for 10) it is a tad bit more then other sting packs (YYN Highlights are 1.99) but let me tell you, these things perform like they were spawned from Angels playing ping pong, really really awesome.  

Chris -