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There have been a few requests for a Tut for this trick.

I created this trick a few months ago.

c-cow-b stands for Crazy Corkscrew Opens Wine Bottle, which was the name that my editor on gave it when I showed him.

Ed Haponik helped be shorten it to c-cow-b.

Have fun.

Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen

Mike Montgomery’s “Learn To Throw” Show

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A great resource if you are just starting out.  I will add more of his videos as he posts them. Mike also has a book on the basics of yoyoing available for purchase at

Episode 1 – Monty Twist


Episode 2 – Roller Coaster

Episode 3 – Cold Fusion

Episode 4 -Skin the Gerbil

Episode 5 – The Zipper

Episode 6 – Spirit Bomb

Episode 7 – Eli Hops

Episode 8 – Pop n’ Fresh