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Calling all Modders!!!

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Yoyoskills will now be reviewing mod jobs. Thats right. Every month I will review a mod. Modders if you want your work reviewed, you can email me at You can also reach me here, here, here, here, and here If you’re a new modder wanting to get your work out there, send me an email. If your a modder who has been out of it for a while and want to get business going again, send me an email. Reviews will be done on a first come first served biases. If it gets to the point where I feel in need to, I will go from once a month to twice a month. Jeffrey Pang will have the first mod review. Jeffrey is going to do some work for me. We are still working out the details, so it may still be a little while until I get the first review up. You can still go a head an email me and get in line behind Jeffrey. Hope to hear from you guys.

Inside Opinion #3 by Dylan

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Any opinion presented is Dylan’s own and is no way influenced by the YoYoSkills Staff.

“What it means to win BAC”

With BAC just two weeks away, all eyes have focused on the US contest scene to see who will emerge as the National title front runner. 2011 may be the year where the new generation of 1a players finally outmatch and beat the experienced players and veterans like Paul Han and Yuuki Spencer. Lately, there have been doubts heard from other top yoyoers, and from the community who are not ready to let a rookie beat them out. Leading the pack of the new generation is of course Gentry, but also the often overlooked John Chow. John definitely has the skill and hunger this year and has a very unique style allowing him to rack up points and rack them up quickly. Some might say the same about Gentry but I think that while both Gentry and John Chow share the hunger for the 1a title, their play styles are completely different. Gentry’s “poppy” style of tech 1a is vastly different from John Chow’s complex flowing tech 1a. Gentry has a proven freestyle that gets the point system on his side. He knows what judges react to and how the game works. When He competes, he competes to win. John’s tech seems to take more risks, which if ran without a problem could rack up points quicker than Gentry. The two are set to face off at BAC with Gentry coming in fresh off his success at Cal States, defeating a pack of experienced veterans except for the beast that is Jensen Kimmitt. What people forget though is that John Chow beat Gentry at Nationals, only six months prior to Cal States. While sill part of the next generation of 1a yoyers, John has been at the top level longer than Gentry, but Gentry already has shown that he is capable of beating even some of the most experienced players in the world. While these two seem to be the main front runners for the new generation, I see more than just these two being the highlight players to look for. I have seen and heard great things from Augie since Cal States. He has really stepped things up from what have seen in his recent videos and from what he has told me when I talked to him. I think that Cal States showed Augie that he is definitely in the title race this year. If he puts the time and effort in than he should be able to accomplish what he has already done once now more than a half decade ago. I don’t think that Augie has ever really been a tech player. I saw his tricks as too high risk or that they just didn’t score enough points to keep him in the running for a title, but from what was seen at Cal States this as recently changed. He really has been working on getting some more points into his freestyle. This is mostly evident by his less than practiced Cal States freestyle which took third and his large following that backs him.

Augie may not be the only thing standing in the way of Gentry or John’s push toward greatness. The echoes of the seemingly ghost like champions Jensen Kimmitt and Sebastien Brock can still be heard. Even though both had expressed a desire to step away from the contest scene, they came back unexpectedly and took first place at a contest. Jensen, who has proven that he can take any contest, had a clear jump on Gentry at Cal States. If Gentry is going to have any hope of pulling off an upset over Jensen, he is going to have to eliminate those small mistakes that took place all throughout his freestyle at Cal States. One could also point out that seeing Sebby’s Virginia state win shows us that he is nowhere close to rusty from his little break from contest yo-yoing, and that if he were to show up to BAC he would pose one of the biggest threats to the entire range contestants. Though I have no clue if either Jensen or Sebby are coming to BAC, it is not impossible. Jensen competed at Cal States so I do not see what would stop him from competing at BAC.

Winning BAC gives you more than a title or a seed to Nationals. Winning BAC starts a following. When you think of BAC title’s though you have to bring up Paul Han. With his seven or eight red jackets from back in the day. He is THE MOST dominant player at BAC and he will stay that way until someone comes along and takes seven BAC jackets again. Paul has a huge following, primarily I think because of his BAC accomplishments. He took BAC’s 2a division one year on a whim just because he felt like it. Jensen forged a following in 2009 with his BAC win and solidified it in 2010. Augie has taken BAC once and since then, has always had a strong contest showing. Yuuki took BAC twice, once to start his name and once to show that he’s still got some fight left in him. This year Gentry and John will battle to be the players that have already concreted their names in the yoyo community and start a dedicated following. A casual yoyoer may not understand what this kind of following does for a yoyoers career. Their name goes from known to well known and the buzz of friends and admirers starts to turn a loud community of yoyoers who are backing that player to win the contest, get a signature yo-yo, or to put out that new video. It gives you respect it makes you untouchable in the community. No one person is able to slander you because you have a FOLLOWING and once you begin to develop a following you begin to get a feeling of support and makes you want to win just a little bit more and it makes you want to show up to those contests with the expectation of winning. The problem though is in the eyes of the yo-yo world, a player is only as good as their last contest. A bad freestyle can change the way that people see you and starts to diminish your following. A wrong choice can also lose following. Fans can start to dislike you just as fast as they began to like you. Almost all top tier players consider this aspect of having a following and you will even see some players who are trying to repair their following because of things said or done. Just like a fan, regrets and bad choices tend to follow you also. That’s why some have had to burn bridges with certain companies or people. Cutting off a tie publicly can regain a fallen following. The people who win Nationals or Worlds are the people who are supported by a big name company and have a reputation and following built. You just don’t see an unknown yoyoer at that top level.

BAC historically has been the launching point for veterans with legendary following. With Gentry being on the verge of being a big name and same with John, if either of the two take the BAC title it will not only show the world that they are ready for a Worlds or National title, but will also explode their already growing following. Gentry and John both are at the verge of exploding a title win, but just because you deserve something doesn’t mean that it is going to be given to you. You have to go out and take what’s yours. We are all going to see what will be an “Every man for Themselves Battle Royal” staring a mess of both rookies and the veterans. 2011 looks to be the most competitive years of recent memory. While this could be the year of the new generation, the elite veteran class is not going to give up what they already have without a fight.

Questions to the readers;

What yoyoer do you think has the biggest following?

How do you think the title quest will play out amongst the bright young talent?

And, finally what player do you want to see win BAC this year.

Thanks for reading and please do come back next week to read my article on who I want to win and how I think the contest will break down ranking wise.

Your Trully,
Rebel YoYos

Inside Opinion 2 by Dylan Benharris

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Any opinion presented is Dylan’s own and is no way influenced by the YoYoSkills Staff.

“What it takes to win BAC”

BAC is the first of three premium level contests called the Triple Crown, and is is right around the corner. Considering the importance of the BAC title, I will be spending the next few weeks talking about the contest in general. Over the next three weeks I will cover who my picks are and why, what goes through my mind as a competitor, and what I see others discussing.

Obviously, everyone is going to have a different opinion on who they think will win, but in this weeks article, I make the case for my picks.

It may not be obvious, as a spectator, what winning BAC means to a yo-yoer competitor. BAC is a landmark achievement that has eluded some of the worlds most elite yoyoers. Every year, the 1a winner has to over come some of the words best yoyoers. They fight and scrounge there way to the top because this contest is no easy win. I give undying respect to those who have accomplished this achievement primarily because one of my long term goals is to one day accomplish this feat as well. To put it in simple terms 1a is the most heavily stacked style and has been and will be the most stacked style for forever. To win first at BAC in the 1a division brings the unbreakable recognition of the yo-yo community and places you as a frontrunner for the US National Title. When you consider the talent at this years BAC, it just makes it that much more exciting. When the smoke clears and we see who ranks in the top brackets, we are likely looking at the next few years of World Champions.

I think that one thing that most people forget when comparing players is who wants it more. I have heard rumors that Sebby , who just took Virginia States, has broken his competition silence. If he decides to show up at any of the Triple Crown events, he would come in as a frontrunner and solidify what some feel was a Nationals win upset. BAC would be an ideal contest to back up his title win. Then there is Jensen Kimmitt. If he decides to haul himself down from Canada, Jensen will be the definite favorite coming into BAC. Not only did he take everything in 2010, he is also a two time BAC champion. I think that Jensen was at Cal States to do more than defend his title. Jensen took on a huge 1a talent field at Cal States and massacred everyone. I get the impression though that he isn’t untouchable this year. When I watched his winning freestyle at Cal States, it just wasn’t the same as his wining Worlds freestyle. The presence that he had at Worlds seeming disappeared. If he shows up to BAC, his is an obvious favorite but some are saying that Jensen “is not going to be competing this year”. This is causing quite a stir because Jensen started 2010 with Cal States and then steamrolled every contest he attended that year. If there is no more Jensen in 2011 at the contests he won in 2010, these spots open up.

If Jensen does indeed skip BAC, then the new frontrunner would be California State 1a Champion Gentry Stein. Gentry was the highest ranked Californian at Cal States and while Jensen took the prize for first, Gentry holds the title. A win for Gentry Stein could set him up for a National Title run and solidify him in the eyes of other yo-yo pro’s. Last year, Gentry got fourth at 2010 Nationals behind Paul Han, John Chow and Sebastian Brock. While he passed Paul at Cal States, we haven’t seen him this year against John Chow. Gentry might have a harder time though if Sebastian shows up because Sebby had a decent margin on him at Nats and could probably still be able to beat Gentry tech points wise.

A high placement at Cal States may not be enough though. While Cal States had tons of talent, key players were missing that historically make BAC a must attend event. Namely, I am talking about Yuuki Spencer. Yuuki was right behind Gentry at Nationals but Yuuki has both World and National titles and is just as dominant as Jensen if not more. Yuuki’s history of wins at BAC is also amongst the top player ever, giving him a long track record at this contest. Yuuki could also be out to prove his pedigree. Yuuki’s 2010 didn’t take as many wins as Yuuki’s 2007, 2008, or 2009.

If we go into BAC history though, no one has as many BAC wins as Paul Han. Paul Han has something ridiculous like 6 or 7 BAC red jackets. In truth Paul is always really strong at BAC, Nationals and Worlds, so I think the Triple Crown tour is exactly the type of thing he could completely dominate. If he wants the Triple Crown bad enough to work out the snags in his freestyle, he could be a very strong contender for all three contests.

This is still excluding some of the biggest names like John Ando, if he competes, and local favorite Augie Fash. Augie placed right behind Gentry at Cal States and didn’t even plan to compete. Chris Allen had to talk him into it and he ended up snagging third. He was even talking with people during his freestyle and he hit almost everything. It is clear to me that had Augie actually planned to compete at Cal States, he would have placed higher. Augie is a consistent top ten Worlds finisher and has been for the last half decade. He always brings engaging and amazing freestyles and is also a previous BAC and National Champion so he knows how to get it done. Considering the pool of strong competition at Cal States last March, I think if Augie shows up to BAC wanting the win, no one may be able to stop him.

Sebby, Jenen, Gentry, Yuuki, and Augie all share a common theme; a REASON to want to win. Wanting to win is great but having a driving reason always empowers that win more. I think that the field at BAC is going to be pretty packed and the deciding factor will be who wants it more and is willing to go out and fight for it.

Questions to the Reader –
Who (and why) do you think wants the BAC title the most?

What do you think it means to be the 1a champ of BAC?

From Inside Opinion,
Dylan Benharris
Rebel Throw

YoYoJam Infinity – First Look

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Kyle got his hands on an prototype of the Infinity, Grant Johnson’s new signature yo-yo from YoYoJam.  He spent some time putting it though the paces and recorded it for the world to see.  Above is a still close up of the Infinity, and below is his video.

Sneak Peek at the General Yo Hatrick!

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Three in a row= HATRICK  Afro
41.2 WIDE
50.3 DIA
64 GR.
4.3 GAP

Prototype shown.
Beginning stages of our next release.
I wanted a smaller faster yo, with the stability of a 5*.
The flatter sides  and ends give it a nice feel in the hand.
Still working on color way, and yes..we will bead blast.
It will take silicone, but comes with the new smaller gen-pads.

Coming soon.

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TimCor Shoots for the Stars on a New Release

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Good things come to those that wait, or that is at least the case with the Starfire, the new “Classic Inspired” yo-yo from TimCor.
This flagship yo-yo takes inspiration from the the Playmaxx Cold Fusion in both shape and size, with an updated response system, C size bearing, and licensed YoYoFactory stacks.

(Photo by Tim from TimCor)

With a shape reminisant of the Coldfusion GT sporting a large c size bearing, orange silicone o-rings installed and neoprene o-rings in the package. It weighs in at 60 grams and comes with yoyofactory hubstacks and annodized in royal blue. A width of 33.63mm and diameter of 56.51mm and a price tag of $120 and $5 shipping.

If this plays like a Cold Fusion with stacks, Count me in!  Go to Tim’s Myspace page, or email him at to purchase a Starfire.

CLYW…. Speechless

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CLYW was hooked up with the Anodizer Justin (Vendetta) used for his Dert. Using the same technique as the M1 mentioned earlier, and the Eli Dert mentioned in the comments section, CLYW…. well, I am speechless.  Just look at the pretty pictures.  These are from the CLYW Blog, a frequent read if you love the “Yo”.

(Pictures by CLYW)
No word on release or price.  I know that this type of annodizing is really expensive, so expect to pay a premium.  I nearly fell out of my chair when seeing this.  It is like the Jupiter of YoYo’s!

Classic 888’s Heading for your Wallet

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Its one of those “Too good to pass up” things.  YoYoFactory is doing a few runs of the 07-888’s again (BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT) and is hitting the Nostalgia buttons.  Up first is the remix of the Ocho8Ocho, the first 888 to ever go up for sale. (2x Mexican National champ Paul Kerbel Signature yo-yo)

(Picture from YoYoFactory Ben)

More classic color ways will be made.  This might be hitting stores in the next few weeks ( will get it first for Japan Nationals)