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Worlds Largest Handheld Yo-Yo (v2.0)

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Dramatically reduced the Gap
Increased the weight
Added weight rings
Thanks to the Lincoln Fire Department for letting me use the Training Tower.

There is no way throw a yo-yo this size and weight hard enough to get it to return all the way back to the hand, so My goal was to get it to return at least 70%. I think I accomplished that (and a little bit more).
I think if I was on a Crane and didn’t have to try to keep the yo-yo from hitting the side of the structure, it might have come up farther.
This is the final version.
Worlds Largest Handheld Yo-Yo (v2.0)

Artist: Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP
Song: We No Speak Americano

Yo-Yo Experiments Episode 5 – Worlds Largest Handheld Yo-Yo

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Thats not a yo-yo... THIS is a yo-yo

Thats not a yo-yo... THIS is a yo-yo

This project was 2 months in development.  For 2 weeks I drew up the plans and found the materials, and then in August Gunter (Splugen on and I found time to build it.  Then, for 6 weeks we looked for a location to film the throw.  One day it dawned on me that the Worlds Largest  Handheld Yo-Yo would feel right at home next to Tom Kuhn’s  Worlds Largest Wood Yo-Yo at the National Yo-Yo Museum at Bird in Hand in Chico California.  While I was there, I saw that the Parking Garage had top level access and so it was decided.  In the middle of YoYo Club, My experiment was itching to be dropped.

Yes, I know that it is not perfect, but it was all for the pure joy of yo-yo fun.  I could not have asked for a better time.

And also Yes, I realize that there is currently no “Largest Handheld Yo-Yo” world record but I don’t care, I am claiming it so… THERE IS NOW!

Music – Kids (MGMT 8bit Cover) by Dr. Zilog


UPDATE: Version 2.0 Video now Live
This version has more weight and a thinner gap. It reached my goal of 70% return with a 30 foot string

and then, just to proove the yo-yo would return 100% to the hand, I shot this video with a 13 foot string.

YoYo Experiments Episode 3 – Paint by Yo-Yo

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Inspired by OkGo, Jackson Pollock, and pizza that was one day too old.
This yo-yo experiment has had me buzzing for the last 2 weeks.
A HUGE thank you to who donated 4 Clear FHZ’s and Mariano Blaco who sent me 2.
6 Clear FHZ’s, Paint, Canvas, and FINALLY a day without wind or rain.

Paint by YoYo – Yo-Yo Experiments – Episode 3

And the Stills if you are interested:

Yo-Yo Experiments – Episode 2 – Pre-Washed

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Doctor Popular is an insanely inspirational guy. His trick style “Washing Machine” is one of my favorites. In my Idea Notebook is a note I scrawled at 3am about two month ago that says “Pre-Washed String” sitting on a page all by itself.

I kept the page empty because when I woke up, I had no idea what it meant.  About three weeks ago I was drinking some Diet Dr. Pepper and playing Dig-Dug on my stand up arcade and suddenly the meaning of “Pre-Washed String” rushed back to me.  About six or seven attempts at making the string, and a few days of practice, and the Pre-Washed idea came to fruition.

I took a spool of pre-twisted cotton/poly blend, tied a three inch loop in the end, and then twisted it like you would a regular yo-yo string.

Here is the result.

Yo-Yo Experiments – Point of View

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I get these crazy ideas. I keep a notebook on my nightstand, and with me most of the time because I never know what will inspire a random idea.
About 6 months ago, I wondered what it would be like see the world as a yo-yo does. I started to look for small, wireless, battery driven cameras.
As I was searching, I was formulating in my head how I would attach the camera to a yo-yo. It would have to move independently, so I would need hubstacks. I would have to balance it by matching the weight on the opposite side to prevent to much tilting. I would most likely have to pull start, and frequently stabilize the camera.
Two weeks ago I found a killer deal in Hong Kong for a spycam housed inside a pen. I jumped at it. It came in the mail today, and this video, a yo-yo experiment, was the result.