Daily Archives: August 8, 2009

ENEME by YoYoJam Coming

That’s right folks, I’m dropping a new yoyo at worlds – the ENEME, I CAD’ed this one myself and went underground to have this prototyped, then mixed it up, collaborated with YoYoJAM and now we have what I would consider a metal yoyo by YoYoJAM, DESIGNED FOR THE PLAYER… BY THE PLAYER… Their will be…

888x Exposed

From the YYF Countdown Blog This is the #9 of the 10 new releases. The 888x (X=10 hence 2010) What Changed? New high lustre finish for grinds and looks Weight tweaked (again) New price 🙂 Try it, but not buy it at Worlds. Slated for Late August release.

IYYO Contest Results

IYYO Results – NY State Contest 1a 3rd – Owen Atkins 2nd – Howie Chu 1st – Andrew Bergen X Division 3rd – Richard Pickett 2nd – Andrew Bergen 1st – Jack Lester IYYO – 1a 3rd – Yicheng Luo 2nd – Kengo Kido 1st – Shinya Kido IYYO – X Division 3rd – Joseph…

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