Daily Archives: December 7, 2010

Supernova Promo Video – Severence + Ando

I reserve the right to post a video outside of the “After the Jump” segments if it is exceptional in every way, and this new Promo video by YoYoFactory featuring Tyler Severence and John Ando is exactly that, exceptional.  Probably my favorite video to come out of YoYoFactory since David Ung’s “Your Future’s With Us.”…

The Thunder Wasp by Foxland Precision

After seeing the Thunderwasp in action during todays After the Jump article, I contacted Alvin for more info about the Thunder Wasp. Pictures from Foxland Precision Specs – diameter: 52.3mm width: 39mm bearing: D-size gap: 3.7mm or 4.7 response: silicone (pads can be provided) weight: 62.5 grams price 75.00 color: blue, dark blue, red, or…

YoYoJam Destiny

At first I was not sure if this was just a special color SFX, but as I look closer, I see it is a whole new throw! Photos by Spingear.jp Weight 63.7g Body width 39.9mm Effective width 37.25mm Width ratio 92.5% Diameter 53.5mm It looks like a new Signature throw for Takeshi.

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