Beyond Envy by HSPIN


Here’s a little blurp about the Beyond Envy straight from the HSPIN website.

The BEYOND ENVY is the first release that brings HSPIN back on track. I scribbled the drawings on a pieces of paper during a phone conversation in fall 2010, then took a picture of it with my Blackberry and mailed it to Had for conversion to CAD format. Prototypes were shown with great success during EYYC 2011 in the Czech Republic.

Expect solid ChrisK-style yoyo design… this one is a limited edition playing like a slim, large bearing yoyo, uncompromisingly precision-machined and assembled in Switzerland. Changes since previous versions include raw gap-side finish, “edgy” design in all aspects, large bearing, K-pad response (thanks Had) and a return to hard-core H-profile.

35 pieces per color option only. Available soon.

Weight: 63.7g
Diameter: 54.0mm
Width: 35.0mm
Gap: 4 mm
Bearing: 13mm
Response: K-pads

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  1. March 10, 2012 @ 11:25 am Ginsu

    A perfect example of ‘Cutting Edge Technology’.

    Support your local Blood Drive.


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