Hi everyone Im Dan Eberle the Designer/ Co-Owner of DEADLY SpINS.

Glen Littlefield and I started this company in the beginning of the year. We want to make innovative modern style yoyos that are made for competition play without those uncomfortable shapes and plain colorways we see all the time these days!!

The release date is unknown for now. I am moving on to a few slight changes. Next proto run will be splash anodized in a black/dark green acid wash with a blood red splash/speckle (Bloody Zombie ED)

Specs are as follows: 55 mm Diameter
43 mm Width
66.2 Grams
4.4mm Gap Width o

The second proto is being dropped to 65.2….. I will keep you guys updated. Looking to give away allot of free stuff soon!!!

It’s always exciting to see a new yo-yo company. You can find their thread on YoYoExpert here.

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  1. June 22, 2012 @ 7:18 pm Glenn

    Well, I promise if you do purchase one; whether you throw it or put a candle in it you will love it either way. Dan and I really want to strive for excellence with this company and we will settle for no less, and thanks for the feedback. Feedback from the yoyo community is something that I feel companies as of late are not utilizing as much as they could be; we hope to break that trend and offer products that people want/enjoy/and are 100% satisfied with. Nice talking to you HDPT, keep a lookout for the Wrath within a few months, we will keep you updated.


  2. June 17, 2012 @ 12:01 am HDPT

    Thanks for not taking my comments the wrong way; Glenn. I meant what I said, in the way that I said it. I thought/think it was/is funny; even when I look/read the post again. And, that horizontal view of the yoyo, does look like you could put a candle right in it. But I said I am sure it is a player and I really meant that too.
    I will not be at Worlds but I am looking forward to picking one of those up as soon as they come out.


  3. June 16, 2012 @ 7:44 pm Glenn

    Well, to be fair, my partner Dan left this as a response to some questions that people brought up on YYE and then was quoted for yoyoskills thereafter. Our production run will be anything but plain colorways, trust me. And yes, it does look rather like a candle holder but it is more then comfortable in your hand, keep an eye out at worlds for us, hoping to have people test our first release.


  4. June 12, 2012 @ 11:43 pm HDPT

    That is too funny. Glen says he wants to offer yoyos without uncomfortable shapes and/or plain color ways. So the first Yoyo that posts up has edges on the down slope and comes in black; roflmao.

    I am sure it is a player but it looks like a Candle holder.

    Love the name and the Company name.


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