Review (by N-MART) – Nessie by G-Squared Yo-Yos

Lock Ness, or Nessie, is reputed to inhabit Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. It is similar to other supposed lake monsters in Scottland and elsewhere, though its description varies from one account to the next. Man! Isn’t that the same way with yo-yos! Not all reviewers have the same opinions about yo-yos, nor does every yo-yo out there fit everyone’s personal preferences. But really, the important question is: Do you believe? WHATEVER!! G-Squared Yo-Yos, a newer company run by Brett Grimes and Jacob Gross of, impressed the yo-yo community with their debut throw, the Albatross. The Albatross was full-size, organic shaped and very smooth on the string. For their first production run, G-Squared didn’t take a lot of risks. The Albatross was designed to be a yo-yo everyone would like, with no thrills or nonsense, but still a great playing yo-yo. But for their second release, the Nessie, the guys at G-Squared decided to go in a totally different direction. The Nessie is certainly a uniquely shaped throw! G-Squared’s intent for the Nessie was to create a yo-yo that had both incredible spin times and stability. Let’s see if they hit their mark! Includes Small White Box with a G-Squared Logo Sticker Yellow Poly String *In the future the guys say they will come with extra stickers and possibly a pin.



Weight (g) 66
Response flowable silicone
Bearing Size size C 10 ball bearing
Width (mm) 43
Diameter (mm)  54
Gap (mm) 4.34

Construction and Design: 

Looks Great! Looks Good Looks Not So Good
Whoa! Beautiful colorway! Unique h-shape design! The hub design is interesting…
Flowable silicone and 10 ball bearing Great IRG
Great finish for grinds! Stability Rings

With those vibrant colors that just “pop” the Nessie is a very attractive throw, just as the Albatross was! As mentioned above, the Nessie is a bold design. But sometimes a unique design doesn’t always play out. A yo-yo can have a unique profile, but play horribly. I don’t think that will be the case for the Nessie, but we will see. On paper, the Nessie looks perfect! Great diameter and great weight. Let’s talk about the shape. The Nessie definitely falls in the h-shape category. G-Squared added nice heavy rims to the Nessie, with the intent being more stability and greater spin times. There is a well-defined IRG, which should work out great for thumb and finger grinds. The surface is smooth and slick for grinds of all kinds. There is also a stability ring inside each cup, just as with the Albatross. I’m glad they stuck with this for the Nessie, it really does make a difference. Now, let’s talk about the hub design. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just think they could have done more with it. It’s difficult to pick up in the pictures, but there’s actually a very small spike in the center of the rounded hub. The spike is so small that I doubt it is capable of pulling off any matador tricks. There doesn’t seem to be any use to it, and I just think it could look better. In my personal opinion, they should have either rounded it out completely, kept the same design they had on the Albatross, or done a full spike. But this really isn’t that big of a concern for me (though it might sound like I’m ranting). Overall, the construction and design of the Nessie is spot on!



Great! Not So Great…
Stable as all get out! Non-functional hub spike
Great spin times!
Smooth grinder!
Comfortable in the hand
Nice snappy binds!

The Nessie is a joy to throw! The spin times are great! The stability is phenomenal! The Nessie will go where you let it; it’s not unwieldy. The Nessie can be fast when you want it to, or nice and steady when you want to simply chill out with it. The profile and width of this yo-yo makes for a very comfortable feel in the hand. The finish on the Nessie is slick and perfect for grinds! The IRG is very easy to hit for you thumb grinders out there! The flowable silicone is precisely, hand applied, and gives nice snappy binds every time! As assumed, however, the minute spike in the middle of the hub was non-functional for matadoring. No big deal, because the Nessie plays outstanding!


Final Thoughts

The scientific community regards Nessie as a modern-day myth, and explains sightings as a mix of hoaxes and wishful thinking. Yep. Should you invest in a G-Squared yo-yo? Yes! Should you buy at least one Nessie? Yes! If you’re looking for a uniquely shaped throw, with a smart design that’s been precisely machined, then look no further than the G-Squared Nessie! The Nessie will not be one of those throws that will just sit and collects dust in your case! It demands you to pick it up and play with it… and believe! The Nessie is no hoax! The Nessie is real and it’s here to impress you! Go check it out for yourself!

~$110 at and many others.

Written by Nathan “n-mart” Martsolf, who now believes Nessie is real.

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