Obligatory World Yo-Yo Contest post – LIVE STREAM + TWEETS #WYYC

Since 2009 YoYoSkills.com has covered the World Yo-Yo Contest.  This weekend will be no different.  The World Yo-Yo Contest begins August 2nd and goes through Saturday August 4th.  YoYoers from all over the world will be in attendance and yo-yo companies will be showing off new products. I wish I was there, and one day perhaps I will be.
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Livestream –

Streaming Live by Ustream

From WorldYoYoContest.com

This stream will be live from about 10am until about 10pm EST (GMT-5) from Thursday August 2nd until Saturday August 4th. The 2012 WYYC live stream is hosted by Duncan Yo-Yos. Make sure you thank the Duncan folks for this stream when you see them next.

The feed is also available on www.yo-yo.com. Duncan usually has special coupon offers on their website during live streams so keep an eye out for that. For freestyles as the contest goes on, if you missed someone keep an eye on the following YouTube channels: Duncan, YoYoFactory, C3yoyodesign, and Yama

Tweet Stream –
For those lucky enough to be in attendance, please take lots of pictures and tweet using the hashtags #wyyc OR #wyyc2012

And for those looking for the schedule, you can refer to the WYYC Program or look below


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  1. August 2, 2012 @ 1:44 am Mo

    I remember the last time I went to Worlds’ was in 2006. Every year since, I have failed to make it there for one amazingly lame reason or another. Interestingly, last year, at the last minute, things worked out and I could have gone. But when I checked the cost of the Airfair, the Price KILLED ME! It was several Hundred dollars more than several weeks before/nothing new for those that travel alot…. The closer the flight date, the more they Crank up the prices. I just couldn’t $bounce$ that high on short notice. <There is actually a point to my sad little story. That point being, that I had such a Great time at Worlds' in 06; even though I am not going to be there 'again'; just the thought of Worlds' make me almost as Happy as if I was there. 6 years ago and the Experience is Still Fresh in my mind. 3 days of nothing but Happy people. The Rosen Plaza is 'Alive' with relentless activities. People from all over the World/new products/presentations in the Salons/the Yoyo Modding Contest and the Iron Mod Contest, etc. I am happy for everybody that makes it out there this time around. Because I know that whether they: go to compete or go to learn some tricks or go to meet old friends or make new ones. Whether they go to buy some new ‘releasing at Worlds’ yoyos or just go to sit in the Audience and be Astounded at the Current level of Play in all the Divisions. Whether they have made it there every single year or whether this will be their first time; I have no doubt that the Experience will pump them with Energy that will create a memory that literally lasts for Years; like it did for me. Usually when I wake up on the first day of the Contest and ‘know for real that I am not there; I feel kinda sad for about 15 minutes. And then the memories click in and I know hundreds of people are helping the show go on; I switch back to a Happy mode for every one who made it..


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