N-Mart Review-King Yo Star Divano

King Yo Star, a yoyo company out of China, may be unfamiliar for the majority of us. King Yo Star’s designer is a guy named Kuyos, who in fact had a hand in designing the first manufactured wide throw, the Superwide by YoYoFactory. Here we have the Divano, another wide throw by designer Kuyos.

This is my first experience with anything from King Yo Star. They have a fairly decent and diverse line up, all at great price points. That said, wide throws are hit and miss for me (literally they’re very easy to hit being that the gaps are huge-I’m hilarious). Often the weight is just too much and the throw just feels like a rock at the end of the string. On the other hand, wide throws can be a joy to play with! If done properly, a wide yoyo can have great balance and spin times.

Let’s see which side of the fence the King Yo Star Divano falls.


  • Poly String


Weight: 75 grams
Width: 53.4 mm
Diameter: 54.5 mm
Gap Width: 4.5 mm


Construction and Design: 

Looks Great! Looks Good.  Looks not so good…
Bright purple! Not too wide Soft anodization
Elegant lines Large gap  
Nice feel in the hand    

Let’s start with the positive points. The first thing that stands out to me about the Divano is the vibrant purple color. Nice and bright and eye catching. Let’s face it, we often buy yoyos because we like the color.

The lines on the Divano are smooth and elegant. The shape falls in the hourglass/h-shape family. The Divano has an awesome gap which looks nearly impossible to miss! There is a spike in the center, which should work well for matador type tricks. No IRG precisely but I’m sure a thumb grind could be hit with a little tilt of the yoyo. The Divano seems to be tumbled, but feels like it could still pull off decent grinds.

Now, even though the ano is beautiful it does appear to be pretty soft. In the time I’ve had the Divano it’s picked up quite a few mystery marks. I kept it in a case, played it over carpet every time and always played without my wedding band. I’m not really sure where the pinpricks came from. Weird.


Great! Not so great…
Heavy but doesn’t feel heavy Not the best throw for regens
Solid spin times  
Nearly impossible to miss gap  

The Divano is a fun throw! This isn’t a competition throw, but a fun, laid back, yoyo. Everyone needs a yoyo like this in their arsenal. It’s not all about competition and serious play; we all need to have a fun throw!

There are many wide throws out there in the yoyo world now, so many to choose from. As I said in the introduction, I feel many wide throws are either hit or miss. A wider throw means more weight, simple as that. The real challenge is distributing that weight so it doesn’t feel like a brick. The weight distribution on the Divano is spot on! On paper, 75 grams is crazy heavy in my opinion, but you don’t feel that on the string. That extra weight even assists in great spin times! In addition, being that it’s a wide throw the gap is huge and incredibly easy to hit!

Wide throws, in my experience, haven’t been great with the regens. The Divano is solid and balanced on a throw, but regens in general are pretty wobbly. Not a deal breaker.

Final Thoughts:

The Divano isn’t perfect in my book but it still has a lot to offer. The Divano has great weight distribution, while still being a pretty heavy yoyo, thus also having great spin times. The deep purple is very attractive, and even though it’s been tumbled, the grinds are still pretty great!

If you’re looking a fun wide throw then look no further than the King Yo Star Divano!



Written by Nathan “n-mart” Martsolf who finally learned seasick on a wide throw.

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  1. November 5, 2012 @ 8:30 pm Jason Long

    Where can you get this yoyo from?


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