N-Mart Review: King Yo Star Smooth


This week I am reviewing the King Yo Star Smooth.

Let’s talk about the name “Smooth” for a minute. It’s pretty bold today to name a yoyo “smooth” don’t you think? For those who have been around yoyos for awhile, you know what smooth feels like… and you also know what smooth doesn’t feel like. To name a yoyo as such is a bold move because it has to be exactly that. If I were to produce a yoyo and name it “rock,” then you would ascertain that the yoyo would play like… a rock.  Or what if I named a yoyo “Mediocre?” All I’m saying is, the Smooth better live up to its name! 🙂

Enough of that!

Let’s get on with the review, shall we?


  • Poly String



Weight: 70 grams
Width: 46.4 mm
Diameter: 56.2 mm
Gap Width: 4.5 mm

Construction and Design: 

Looks Great! Looks Good.  Looks not so good…
Smooth finish! Not too wide Soft anodization
Great competition shape Huge gap! Maybe a little too heavy
Comfortable in the hand Full Sized  

Right away the Smooth impressed me with its finish! Very slick and looks like it’d be great for grinds! The KYS Smooth is quite organic, and has that perfect hourglass shape. In the hand, the Smooth is nothing but comfortable. This throw is a little on the wide side, without being too wide. The gap is huge! In addition, it’s full sized, which for me (someone with large hands) is a great thing. It certainly seems like full sized, and even over sized, throws are becoming the popular trend these days. I for one like this trend.

However, just like the Divano I reviewed last, the Smooth seems to have pretty soft ano. It took a scratch pretty easily. But for the price of $60, I can’t complain too much. Lastly, I will say that I feel the Smooth may be a little too heavy, at least as it looks on paper. I could be completely wrong, for those rims do look pretty beefy. If all the weight is on the rims, the Smooth should play at a pretty floaty pace.


Great! Not so great…
Great balance! No defined IRG
Solid spin times Missed binds
Nearly impossible to miss gap  

So I was wrong about the weight. Goes to show you can never judge a yoyo by its specs. On paper, the Smooth is quite heavy, but not on a throw. I mean, it doesn’t zip around like something that weighs 60 grams, but it’s certainly not sluggish. As I stated above, the Smooth has some awesome beefy rims, and it is those huge rims that help keep the Smooth feeling lighter on the string, as well as aid in great balance and solid spin times.

There’s no real IRG on the Smooth, but for me that’s never really a deal breaker. If you’d like, however, you could tilt the yoyo some on a throw and then be able to land a thumb grind. I’d also like to point out that the binds, as the Smooth is out of the box, weren’t always the smoothest. After some break in time the pads played better. Of course you could always swap those out for some flowable if you’d like.

Oh, and another cool little thing about the Smooth. Those engravings, when spinning, look like one of those hypnotist spinning things. You know what I mean.

Final Thoughts:

Is the Smooth… smooth? Sure it is. Is it the smoothest throw I’ve ever thrown? No. That said, I feel the Smooth lives adequately up to its name, and I consider that a win. For a $60 throw, I think the Smooth is smooth enough.

What’s not to like about the King Yo Star Smooth? It’s large and in charge, it’s got a great grinding finish, it’s on the wider side, and it’s got a gap that even your momma could land a trapeze on!

So go check out a King Yo Star Smooth!

Word to your mother.



Written by Nathan “n-mart” Martsolf who is bringing back old awesome phrases.

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  1. September 24, 2012 @ 5:47 pm Chris Pickett

    What size pads and bearing does it use?

    Thanks. Just compiling specs for a database to be released to the community.


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