ILYY Nile – First Look

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I got an email from Frank this morning linking me to a blog post about the newest yo-yo called the “Nile”.

  • Diameter: 56.00mm
  • Width: 44.00mm
  • Weight: 66.20g
  • Gap: 4.20mm
  • Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
  • Bearing: ILYY KMK metric

The Nile is ILYY entrance into the “center weight” design world. As for the name…

I took some inspiration for the name from one of my favorite metal bands – Nile. I was listening to their music while designing the yoyo. The name also serves as great basis for an awesome engraving that has yet to be created. The Egyptian mythological theme will be realized by a certain coating or color way.

You can read the entire design story over at

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