YoYoNews.com goes Live with Steve Brown, Andre Bouley, and Drew Tetz!

This should be pretty cool.    Andre Boulay – Founder of YoYoExpert and National Yo-Yo Master, Drew Tetz from Team Duncan and the Light Sleeper Society, and Steve Brown from yoyo everything (YoYoFactory team member and National Yo-Yo Master) have come together to launch YoYoNews.com! This news site should offer an interesting perspective on daily yo-yo news from some of the biggest names in the industry. Drew has a great post about Trick Theory and Steve has been covering a good deal of art and lifestyle news pieces. The YoYoSkills.com team thinks that YoYoNews.com will be a great addition to the growing yo-yo journalism world should help increase the reach of the “World of Yo!” I myself am pretty excited to see what this star studded team brings to the table!

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