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This review session, we are going to try something different.  For a while now, I thought it would be interesting to do two reviews of the same yo-yo from two different reviewers.  I am excited that the first yo-yo to undergo this treatment is the Victory by Eternal Throw. Joining in our first Head to Head review is new YoYoSkills Journalism team member Brian Melford!



Eternal Throw has recently popped up on the scene as a new yo-yo designer contracting the skilled hands at One Drop to machine.  This is becoming more and more popular over the last year as big names like Anti-Yo and new names like G Squared and Eternal Throw utilize David and Shawn’s machining expertise.  I was contacted by Eternal Throw about reviewing the Victory, their flagship model.  The Victory is named after Victoria, Hinton’s daughter and as a nod to her awesomeness, it was released on her birthday.  As a father of an awesome daughter myself, I think this is amazing on the scale of epic parenting. I have been following the new company Eternal Throw for a little while now. I saw the Victory proto on Joseph Pallagi’s video and I knew I had a get my hands on it. The name comes from one of eternal throws founders J Free Hinton. He named it after his daughter Victoria and it released on her birthday officially. Today I review the Victory by Eternal Throw. Machined by OneDrop (awesome guys) with a custom Side Effect the Victory is a well built throw and the Eternal Throw hit a home run with this first release.


Comes With:

  • Custom tin
  • Designer String
  • Custom Side Effects


Diameter: 55.6 mm
Width: 41.75 mm
Gap Width: 4.25 mm
Weight: 67 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: One Drop Flow Groove Pad Response


Construction and Design:

Looks great Looks good Looks not so good
Amazing  color options average IRG Effectively zero IRG with ET SE
One Drop Side Effect (OD SE) compatible Standardized C-bearing and response  
Advanced and aggressive weight placement Flow Groove pad compatible response  
  Finish is smooth and not aggressive  


First off, let me go out and say that this is a very cool looking yoyo.  The side effects have a freaking phoenix on them, the splash color ways are amazing bright, and it has that middle body weight placement that so many throws are working to emulate.  I dig the weight placement but when combined with the (very cool) side effects, it effectively cuts off any inner ring grind.  The Victory has a similar channel on the inner rim but much more shallow.  J loaned me a “Seahawk” victory for this review session. The Victory at first sight is a double rimmed V-shaped throw with 2 curved steps. It also has custom side effects with ET’s logo laser engraved into them done by OneDrop, the awesome guys who also machined the throw for Eternal Throw.  I have the Purple People Eater Edition and the ano is beautiful, purple is bold against the gray acidwash and this thing looks great spinning.

Great! Not so great…
Incredibly stable Weight placement not fantastic for horizontal, but not terrible either
Smooth on grinds  
Stable on regens  
Gap handles multiple wraps  


I love a good full sized throw.  Having big hands and long arms, I need a yo-yo that feels proportional to the slow deliberate trick segments as well as have enough versatility to not fight me when I experiment with new trick movements. The Victory was perfect for this.  Slow when I needed it to be slow, fast when I needed it to be fast, and balanced throughout it all.  Regens were incredible.  I love tying tricks together with regens and the Victory made that a very easy task thanks to a stable build quality.


Thanks to OneDrop’s standard of machining excellence, the Side Effects give owners customization options.  The C size bearing and flow groove response deliver long smooth spins and tight binds.  The Victory is a player through and through.


Horizontals are not fantastic, but not terrible either.  The problem seemed to stem from the many points of weight placement.  I switched out for a Lego Side Effect and tried again, and it seemed to find it’s balance more.

The Victory is a versatile throw, not only because it carries side effects but because the way the rims are set up it can move and different speeds and handles different play styles. When using the Victory I felt it handled tech tricks very well and with the nice open catch zone hops, pops, and drops are a breeze to land.

The finish makes grinds dreamy and response makes binds nice and tight. The 10 ball is very silent and the response allows the throw spin for a decent amount of time without slowing down. One thing you will probably notice as you grinds and use the yo-yo often is that it is amazingly smooth. Like baby bottom smooth and the weight makes it a long grinder. I was very happy to say that being the stickler for vibe that I am.

With the stock set up the Victory is a nice solid weight but not at all heavy. Very stable and has great spin times, he Victory is all around when it comes to play and can handle the one horizontal trick I know very well.

Final Thoughts
Victoria should be proud to lend her name to her father’s flagship design.  The Victory is in my mind, victorious on all fronts.  The lack of IRG   didn’t really stick out as a problem to me because it was fixed with a smaller side effect.  The same can be said to clean up Horizontal play.  What we have here is a very well rounded throw and a heck of a performer.  Eternal Throw is on the right track right out of the gate. As far of this throw is concerned I am calling it a Victory! The folks at Eternal Throw have designed an amazing throw. The guys at OneDrop have machined a great throw and the yo-yo community comes out a winner in this. The Victory has several special editions and the prices range from $90-$115. If you’re into an awesome throw that fits a big range of play styles the Victory is for you. If you’re ready to take your tricks to the next level, the Victory is definitely for you. 


~ $90 – 115 depending on colorway / edition


Written by Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen and the gentleman from New York, Brian Melford



Chris "Dr. Yo-Yo" Allen is the creator and founder of He has been yoyoing for over 25 years and has a passion for the industry.

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