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Aero-Yo is a relatively new brand to the US. I haven’t heard much about the brand other than the fact that they make some pretty good throws. This week, I was excited to finally get to play one of Aero-Yo’s throws. The MTE. My first thought is probably the same as yours. “What’s an MTE?” It stands for “Meet the Evolution”. A very strong name for a yo-yo. Can the MTE live up to this title? Let’s find out.


  • Sweet tin box
  • Poly String


Diameter: 55.33 mm / 2. inches
Width: 42.33 mm / 1.70 inches
Weight: 66 grams


Construction and Design:

Looks Great Looks Good Looks not so good
Comfortable Shape Feels Grind Friendly No hex axle
Clean and professional logo Standardized C-bearing and response Slightly sharp edges
Eye-catching colors Subtle IRG
Amazing tin!


First impressions of the MTE were great. I’m a sucker for creative and/or aesthetically pleasing packaging. The MTE comes in a tin box covered in designs incorporating the Aero-Yo and MTE logos. On top, there is a window that displays the MTE in a foam slot. Out of the box, the MTE looks fantastic. The splash is excellent and the colors of both the red body and the blue splash really pop (Aero-Yo offers other colorways with the same sheen as well). Along with great colors, the MTE has a soft grind-friendly finish. On the inside of the MTE’s cup, the MTE logo is laser-engraved with a striped pattern surrounding it to fill in the center that gives the MTE a very professional look.

The shape of the MTE is a nice combination of an organic shape and an H-shape. The edge of the catch zone starts with thick rims like an H-shape and then slopes down to the response area with a slight curve. There is a small bump before the catch zone flattens out into the response area. These factors make the MTE a very comfortable yo-yo to hold. I was worried about how the rims would hit the palm. Some yo-yos have rather sharp edges that poke into the hand between throws. The MTE’s stay out of the way, but they are still slightly sharp. On a bad bind, these could be painful.

Along with the somewhat sharp edged, the only thing I didn’t like about the MTE’s construction was the axle. It seems to be a basic metal axle with no hex head. Without the hex head, an axle will be difficult to remove if it somehow becomes stuck. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker when considering this yo-yo though. The MTE is a clean and comfortable design.



Great! Not so great…
Unique balance Somewhat slippy binds
Strong stability
Very controllable
Grind friendly
Easy to hit catch zone


This yo-yo…. This yo-yo…. It can soak up almost any trick you can throw at it. Technical combos? No problem! The MTE floats from string to string in an easily controlled manner, rejects strings with big open loops, regens smoothly, and catches slack with no issues whatsoever. Grinds? Sure! The surface finish and shape of the MTE make this throw very good for grinds. Very little spin loss and great control on an arm grind and during finger grinds. Speed? Easy! Though the MTE floats nicely through tech tricks, it can also speed up or slow down whenever you want. It can transition from hops and slacks to fast paced rolls on command without losing its composure. The MTE stays straight and spins strong. Horizontal? It can handle it! I’ll admit my horizontal repertoire is very small and not very clean, but this yo-yo powered through my somewhat sloppy horizontal combos. The MTE stayed flat and held its spin even when I missed. Even after letting the MTE drop during my horizontal, I was able to pop it back up and finish my combos. This yo-yo has a strong presence on the string and a great balance that make it incredibly versatile. My only complaints with the yo-yo were about the response pads and bearing. About a day or two into the review week, binds with the MTE became a bit slippy. They weren’t too bad, but instead of feeling a snap during a bind, I would feel a slight slip before the yo-yo came back to my hand. This problem wasn’t terrible, but low speed and slap binds seemed to only work about seven out of ten times. Along with the pads, I also had trouble with the bearing. The bearing felt okay during the first half of the week, but felt strange after prolonged play. Spin times seemed to suffer a little bit and the bearing felt like it was of rather cheap quality. It’s a standard 8-ball bearing. I wasn’t expecting it to be bulletproof, but regular bearings for me usually last more than a week. This could have been a random lemon in the bearing batch, so I won’t count this against the MTE. Plus, it didn’t affect the yo-yo too much. The MTE still handled whatever I could throw at it.

Final Thoughts:

A very strong and versatile yo-yo. With a professional appearance and a balanced design, the MTE still impresses me with what it can handle even after this review week. I can see this yo-yo being popular for both casual play and contests for its ability to take on almost any trick and its power that keeps it moving to the next trick. Aero-Yo has produced an incredibly good throw that many people will love after only a couple throws (maybe even after one). If you’re looking for a full-sized yoyo that can take on any trick at your local yo-yo club or any combo on-stage, look no further. Bravo Aero-Yo.


~ $80-100

Written by Will Hahn who met the evolution and wonders what came before it.

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