Doc’s Review: The Prism by Zeekio

Zeekio is a line from the fine people at YoYoSam.  They also have a Kendama line called Bahama Kendama.  I have had a chance to play with a few Zeekio products in the past and most have been solid purchases for the price but none have really stood out as exceptional.  Recently, Mitch from YoYoSam contacted me about the Prism saying that it is a “must try” yo-yo.  He was very excited, and over the last month chatted me up to get my impressions.  The Prism is a new yo-yo with a new machinist and a fresh start for the Zeekio brand.  Oh, did I mention it is only $40?  I didn’t?   Huh…..


  • Polly string

Comparison: YoYoFactory Protostar and the YoYoJam Theory


    • Weight: 66 grams
    • Width: 42 mm
    • Diameter: 53.5 mm
    • String Gap: 4.75 mm

Construction and Design:

Looks Great Looks Good Looks not so good
Killer colorway Open face design Only one color option at this time
Slick surface Standardized C-bearing and response First time opening will be tight
Post anno machining Multi step catch zone


It looks like the Prism has three separate anno jobs.  A bit of guesswork, but it looks like the first two anno jobs are a half blue half yellow fade, and then a red anno that overlaps the yellow and the blue creating a red and purple color.  The end effect is multiple colors as the blue and yellow overlap to make some green and some orange on the red area.  When the Prism spins, it turns into a silver / nickel color with color pulses as the yo-yo moves.  It is a very cool visual effect that is not easy to capture on camera.  In the catch zone, the Prism has a few steps that are parallel to the profile. This is done post anno which really makes it stand out, another great visual effect.  In the large open cup, the Prism has a detailed logo engraved into the face.   Overall, the Prism’s visual presentation is fantastic. This anno has a trade off though, and the result is a tight bearing seat. You may have a problem getting the prism open for the first time.


Great! Not so great…
Smooth play May induce seizures (not really)
Slick grinds
Consistent regens
Snappy response system


Honestly I was not expecting to be this impressed.  I expected good things, but not phenomenal things. Very rarely, has a yo-yo with a visual gimmick exceeded expectations in the performance realm.  The Prism though, is a real winner wrapped up in a visual gimmick.  The Prism not only looks cool as it flashes colors during tech movement, it plays wonderfully as well.  While it only weighs in at 66 grams, it feels more like 68 grams.  This solid feel enables fast combinations and transitions.

The anno job is really well done.  The result is a smooth slippy surface that works well in grinds.  It is not a pop and float on our finger kind of grind, but more of a steady climb with a good amount of control.


Final Thoughts:

The Zeekio Prism is a fast, solid throw with a great visual trick that makes you feel like you are playing with a dark rainbow.  Oh, and it is only $40.  This should be, needs to be, HAS to be the next yo-yo in your purchase lineup.  If the Prism was $60, I would say buy it not question.  If it was $80, I would say buy it no question.  At $40 , the Prism is an insanely good buy and even if it didn’t have a cool colorway, I would still dig it for $40 because it is such a solid and consistent player.


~ $40 at YoYoSam

Written by Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen  who dances and midnight underground raves under the name “dark rainbow”


Chris "Dr. Yo-Yo" Allen is the creator and founder of He has been yoyoing for over 25 years and has a passion for the industry.

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