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King Yo Star is a quickly growing company out of China run by Chen Jia Lin (a.k.a. Kuyos). The brand has a strong and unique line of yoyos including the wide Hop King and the tiny Spider Man. The brand is also making a name for itself in the competition circuit with players like Luckey Li and Joshua Ray. Today, I look into one of their newer throws, the Boss Man. This big bright silver beast of a yoyo is a wide oversized throw that seems competition ready. I love oversized throws, so I have been wanting to give this one a shot.


  • 10-Ball Bearing
  • Poly String


Diameter: 58 mm / 2.28 inches
Width: 47 mm / 1.85 inches
Weight: 68 grams


Construction and Design:

Looks Great Looks Good Looks not so good
Bright Silver finish Clean Look Small IRG
10-Ball Bearing Standardized C-bearing and response Fine print sized laser engravings
Competitive Shape Grind friendly surface No packaging
Low Price Point

The Boss Man I received to review is very bright, shiny and silver. I love bright colored yoyos, and this one is no exception. The shape of the Boss Man reflects the competitive wing shape found in many high end throws. The edges of the throw start at a slight angle inward and gradually this angle increases over a series of steps. This leads to an angular profile that is still very comfortable in the hand. With a 58 mm diameter and a 47 mm width, the Boss Man fills the hand completely while letting the fingers fill in the profile comfortably. The cup of the Boss Man is also very angular. Much of the material in the yo-yo is in the rim while a little mound with an inset spike sits in the center. It seems more decorative than functional for matador play since the small rim around the spike does not allow easy access to it. The Boss Man came with a 10-ball bearing, a tried and true bearing that provides smoothness and great playability. The response system has pink pads that resemble slim CBC pads in size and grip. What I like most out of the Boss Man though was the price. It’s listed as a $50 yo-yo! For an oversized throw, that is incredible.

I only had a few issues with the Boss Man. It has a very small IRG. Not a big deal to me, but it could be a letdown to those who regularly use that feature. Another issue is the size of the laser engravings. They are already hard to read with the Boss Man’s bright silver finish, but the size of the engravings are the size of the fine print you find at the bottom of a too-good-to-be-true phone contract. They seemed really cramped on the inside of the cup. However the main issue I had with the Boss Man was the lack of packaging. By lack of, I mean it had none. This doesn’t take much away from the throw’s performance, but it did allow the Boss Man to acquire some nicks. There are some small marks in the catch zone, the cups, and the rims of the Boss Man I received. I assume these are from the shipping process because they are very random and small. With some sort of packaging, this issue could have been avoided.


Great! Not so great…
Competitive feel Regens are tough
Stable, long spin String slips into bearing seat (with 10-Ball in place)
Comfortable to hold
Wide, easy to hit catch zone
Great all-rounder!


Impressive! The Boss Man has a very strong spin and very competitive play. It can power through fast roll based tricks as well as technical tricks with various hops, rejections, bounces, and transitions. The large competitive shape and rim weight give this throw a floaty yet solid feel on the string. Very well balanced and very fun! The wide catch zone made the Boss Man very good for practicing my sloppy horizontal combos and learning body and leg tricks such as this one here.

The bright finish makes the Boss Man an excellent yo-yo for competition and performances as well. I used this yo-yo at a small talent show and it was fantastic onstage. The lighting was dim, but the size and finish of the Boss Man made it visible for the audience and easy for me to use.

There were a few problems with the Boss Man during the reviewing process. One of the issues was regen difficulty. I can muster up a solid chain of clean regens on most throws, but the Boss Man constantly gave me vibey and wobbly regens. This is probably due to the width and diameter of the throw. A little adjustment and care with my regens made them much cleaner, but it still is a tricky task. My main issue with the Boss Man though was a string and bearing issue. The bearing seat of the Boss Man leaves enough room at the side of the bearing for the string to slip into. My string would get stuck in this small gap from time to time, giving the Boss Man a serious vibe before it slowed down and stopped after a few seconds. Switching to a string centering bearing resolved this issue, but I was still disappointed that the bearing seat was open enough to do this. For those who prefer flat bearings, be careful. Bearings with a chamfered edge like some 10-ball bearings will lead to this issue.

Final Thoughts:

Amazing player for the price. After swapping the stock flat bearing for a string centering bearing to avoid the string slip problem, I found it hard to put down the Boss Man. Very well balanced competition and performance ready throw. I do still feel iffy about the fact that it came with some nicks and no packaging. Even with the lower price tag, there should be some effort to package the yo-yo. I’m not too picky with the nicks at the price the Boss Man came at, but others may be discouraged by these marks.
However, the bottom line with this throw is that it is solid. No frills. Just performance. It will handle whatever you throw at it and keep going.

~ $50-$60

Written by Will who likes big shiny things, yo-yos or not.


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