Chico Yo-Yo Company Bulldog Yo-Yo

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I have been waiting to spill this one. For the last few months, Thad, Richie and Bob have been letting me play with the prototype of the Bulldog. I, and others have given them feedback, they tweaked it a bit, and I have to say I am really impressed. Finally, to see the finished product is very satisfying.

More pictures and PURCHASE details after the jump

It will be available in Shiny finish, and Matte finish.
Only available at Bird in Hand for $105. Stock should fill up soon.
I hope to have one to do a full review soon.

From the Store:

After a long hiatus, yo-yos are being produced in Chico, CA again. Machining, design, and assembly are all done in Chico.

The first offering from the Chico Yo-Yo Company is a beautiful, precision machined aluminum yo-yo. The Bulldog yo-yo is slightly undersized at a 2 inch diameter and sports a very comfortable and playable weight of 66 grams.

Finish work on the yo-yo is gorgeous featuring a two-tone marbled red and black finish and a hand finished ‘pinstripe’ to set off the engraved naming. Available in both shiny and matte finishes depending on your play preference. The matte (sandblasted) finish is great for ‘grinds’.

The Bulldog uses a large, precision cleaned ABEC-5 aircraft grade bearing for incredibly long spins. Response is accomplished with hand poured silicone – which can be replaced with commonly available response pads if preferred – like the YoYoJam Silicone pads or the the Alchemy Silicone O-rings.

Manufacturer Chico Yo-Yo Company
Yo-Yo Bearing Size Size C (.25x.5x.1875″)
YoYo Shape Wing/Hourglass
Yo-Yo Diameter 2 inch
Yo-Yo Weight 66g
Yo-Yo Width 1.5 inch

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