“Trick a Day, Eh?” Project

Trick a Day, Eh?

Welcome to Canada. When it’s not so cold we would lose fingers, many of us love to play with our return tops (that’s yoyos to you in the rest of the world). I decided that the rest of the world needed to see what awesome talent we have going up here, and so the “Trick a Day, Eh?” Project was born. It was inspired by Steve Brown’s “365 Yoyo Tricks”, and I cleared it with him. He gave us the name.

The idea is simple. 1 trick, 2 angles each day. The project is open to anyone Canadian, regardless of skill level. The only requirement is that the trick not be something off one of the major tutorial sites, and preferably have some elements you mixed in yourself.

I asked people to send me raw footage, so I can tag on the title. When I started, I expected to do most of the work for the first few months at least. I was overwhelmed with the number of positive responses and people who wanted to get involved.

Why is this relevant to anyone outside of Canada? Because you know yoyoers. We are a big happy (most of the time) family who loves more than anything to say “hey, check out my trick” and know that someone is watching. So it’s pretty awesome that we have this internet thing that gives us all the chance to inspire each other.

Bookmark www.canadayoyo.ca if you want to see the daily videos!

Thanks for reading.

Jeremy “Mr. Yoyothrower” McKay
Wayne Ngan (Toronto)

Jeremy Mr Yoyothrower (Vancouver)

Molly (Vancouver)

Brycen Percad (Calgary)

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  1. February 5, 2015 @ 9:05 pm yoyoskills

    Can’t have too many tricks.


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