YoYoSkills Top Kendama Videos of 2014

2014 was a great year for Kendama. We thought it would be fun to post our favorite videos of the year. There were a lot to choose from, but we felt these were all worthy of our top ten list. Here they are in no particular order. 2 days with Kris Bosch – Kris Bosch is outrageously clean. Sick tricks and awesome angles are displayed in this video.   Kendama Co Presents Fiscin With Jake If you need some inspiration, watch this video. Jake makes everything look so easy. “That was dirty.”   Herding Cats Everyone knows Chuck is one of the most creative yoyoers, but who knew he was one of the most creative kendama players as well. He’s also insanely consistent.   Matt Ballard Smoked Red Oak Matt Ballard shows off some serious flow with ease, at a cool filming venue.   Thorkild May Slo Bro Krom Kendama Very innovative player. It was also a super clean edit.   2014 Kaizen Everywhere Many great players were featured in this video. A good example for how a team edit should look.   Grain Theory Presents Matt Decoteau Edit 8 World Tour Matt Decoteau showcases his ability to not just use his right hand. Also he has some sick hair.   1st Place Terra Kendama One Year Contest Yannick Yannick is a very impressive Kendama player, especially for the amount of time he has been slaying Kendama.   2014 Sweets Oversized Kendama Comp Jake Impossible Boundaries were broken in this video. The trick showcase was “Sweet”.   Iga Januszewska Kendama Edit #1 Great edit and lots of different venues.


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