Day 2 of NY toy fair

Day 2 of the New York Toy Fair. Here are some sneak peaks from YoYoFactory. The offstring is solid- thats going to be a sure win, the other is well…. look for yourself.

Also Yomega is coming out with a plastic fixed axle. Should be a fun one for all the fixed axle fans (myself included) Also a nice affordable gift if your still trying to get your buddy into yoyoing.







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  1. February 19, 2015 @ 2:01 am Alex

    So, Yomega’s coming out with a fixed-axle string trick yo-yo in the vein of the Duncan Butterfly. This oughta be a good alternative to the Butterfly, but we’ll never truly know how well it performs as a beginners’ yo-yo until we see it for ourselves! 🙂


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