PNWR 2015 – The Canadian Experience, By Jeremy Meugens

This contest holds a special place in my heart.  It was the first contest I attended, and to date is still my favorite.  This year definitely met my expectations.  It was my first time judging a contest, and by far my cleanest and highest scoring 4a performance.

But what really made the contest special was the number of Canadians that made the trip down.  We had a range from the Canadian 1a champions from the last 2 years (Luckey Li placed 7th, Harrison Lee 8th)  and Boming Wang who placed 3rd in 5a, down to Alex Kim, a grade 6 student who started 2a a couple months ago and was brave enough to compete in the championship division!  Lake Steppan even made the trip down from Edmonton Alberta!

Other rising stars were Benedict, Molly, Tate and Sam from the Vancouver club.  Benedict and Molly placed 1st and 2nd respectively in the Novice division.  It’s really great seeing contests make room for the future yoyo stars to get a taste of success to spur them on. Benedict was excited to have hung out with the other novice players at the contest.  His only disappointment with the contest was that he didn’t get to see the 1a prelims because they were in a different location.  Otherwise, it was “incredibly fun”.

Ryan Cooper Enjoyed the contest because of the size.  It was his first American contest.  He enjoyed learning a bunch of new tricks from different people.

I know everyone had a great time meeting other yoyoers, learning tricks and generally getting inspired by everything they saw.

Contest happen because of the hard work and long hours put in on a volunteer basis.  This one was particularly a challenge to put together in the face of having the event change organizers at a late date, and being stuck with Valentine’s Day as the only workable date for the venue.  In spite of that, organizers Free Hinton and Deborah Haight did a wonderful job.

Fun was had by all.

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