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This is the first of many new reviews to come with the rebirth of Many of the yoyo reviews will be new releases, some will be of yoyos that have been out for a while. While YoYoSkills was not being updated, there were some amazing yoyos that came out and did not get reviewed. So we’re hoping to fill in some gaps. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Duncan Strix.

If memory serves, it was the Duncan Raptor that brought on a new generation of Metal YoYo from Duncan. They started adding C size bearings, and making many of their yoyos more “competition ready” while keeping the cost at an affordable level. That’s not to say they didn’t have competition metal yoyos prior to the Raptor, but I feel like it was the Raptor that started a certain cascade of exiting releases from Duncan. Raptor, Echo, Metropolis, Etc. I think my favorite thing about these yoyos is that there hasn’t ever been any kind of gimmick behind them. They’ve all been a solid size, shape and weight. This allows players to pick their fancy more honestly and without breaking the bank. The Duncan Strix, is a fine edition to the Deluxxe Series and I am proud to review it here.

First Impressions

Yup. This’ll do. Like I said before, the Strix is a no nonsense yoyo. (not that I don’t enjoy some good nonsense now and again) But its size and weight feel wonderfully familiar. Its ready to be thrown (comes with a Concave bearing) This particular Strix is an ice blue color, one that you really won’t find in many other yoyos. The artwork on the rims? 10/10! Its simple, but very well crafted. Truly, I would chance nothing about the artwork, its branded perfectly. It hits the Goldilocks zone of being juuuuuuusssst right.


Comfort and Tech
Weight: 66.5g
Ball Bearing: Size c Concave
Diameter: 54.5mm
String Gap: 4.1mm
Width: 42.6mm

The Strix was designed by Kohta Watanabe. Kohta has an excellent style, he’s really good at giving a little something for everyone in his performances, no matter what style you prefer most. I think the Duncan Strix reflects this well in its specs. Plus, its no secret that Kohta is a fan of finger-spins, the center weight and bowl shaped sidewalls make this yoyo excellent for finger-spins. I stand by what I said earlier though, I don’t think of that as a gimmick, I think its added bonus to make this yoyo ready for anything you want to throw at it. Check out the 360 video posted below and you’ll see that the profile of the Strix has a really cool shape to it. V with a touch of H shape to it. The catch zone is extremely concave, which is nice for everyday play and for those who have a bit of trouble binding a finger-spin (spoiler alert: That’s me) With a 54.5mm diameter I think players everywhere will agree that this is a “mid-sized” throw. I’ve always had trouble with yoyos that were too heavy. If your throwing your yoyo 500 times a day no one wants to be tossing too many grams towards the ground. 66.5g feels good to me and, again, I think that will appeal to a good portion of the yoyo market. The meat of this you feels towards the center, making it suitable for horizontal play. Rim weight vs. center weight

On a throw
ok. Ok. OK. OK! OHKAY! The more you play this yoyo the more you will like it. I didn’t feel like I had to change for it, I felt like it conformed to what I was throwing at it. Its easy to manipulate, and teaching it your tricks is a breeze. I was exited when Duncan sent one my way because I remember trying one when they first came out, but never really gave it a good solid chance. Its been a blast throwing this thing around. And yes, it is a champion finger spinner. You can kind of thumb grind… but who still thumb grinds? Seriously though, this is set up well for some horizontal play, but it doesn’t sacrifice anything for it. What don’t I like? the finish is a bit sticky, but the ice blue looks so damn good so I can’t say I’m disappointed.

Final Thoughts
I think my review on this is pretty clear. This is a wonderful Goldilocks yoyo. It sits right in the middle of everything yoyoers love. It’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, its giving you a yoyo that will appeal to you and all your friends. One of the nice things about the Deluxxe series from Duncan is all of the designs are very different while the specs stay in that mid range zone. That way, you really can really connect with the throw that strikes you the most. Maybe its the Organic shape of the Raptor, or the concave catch zone of the Strix, the choice is yours. But you can make the choice with full confidence knowing that there is nothing about this yoyo that will turn you off. At a great price, its a safe move.


Available here, at YoYoSam

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