Interview with MonkeyFinger Design’s Tyler Jorgensen

Interview with MonkeyFinger Design’s Tyler Jorgensen!

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Today I will be speaking with Tyler Jorgensen, a sponsored player from Canada’s MonkeyFinger Design, Host of The Yoyo Show, and organiser of 2015 Idaho States.

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Q So Tyler, what made you start yoyoing?

A Well the first time I really saw a yo-yo was in third grade when a group came and yoyoed at my school. I bought one from them. IT took me a while to find out about the yoyo community. Around middle school age (5-6 years ago) I started to get really into it. It wasn’t until about 2 or 3 years ago that I joined the online community, and started to progress. Where I am at I was one of the only people that yoyoed so I taught some friends!

Q What was the moment where you felt that yoyoing was going to be a real passion for you?

A Probably around middle school age. I got a dark magic, and that was one of my first yoyos. Then I got a Cold Fusion. After getting all those cool yoyos I knew that I wanted to take this as far as I could.

Q And can you tell us how you started playing for MonkeyFinger?

A Ok it started around the time the forte came out. I was friends with Mike Montgomery and he was one of the closests yoyoers to me. He was getting a signiture yoyo and I wanted to support him, and that’s when I got my first forte. (1 of 3 color I wasn’t messing around.) I bought every yoyo that they made since then (2 fortes 2 ape-xs 2 co-labs and a gelada 2) I talked with the owner a lot, and I was always down to represent them in whatever way I could. Then about 2 or 3 months ago Ray decided to make me official! Right before the release of the Caesar! So I supported them and tried my best to get my skills up and the rest just fell into place!

Q So what are your favorite yoyos?

A It changes from day to day. I guess I could just describe why my top three are where they are and what mood I am in.
Caesar: That’s when I want to get stuff done. I use it if I want to practice for contests or whatever. Really awesome yo-yo
Co-lab: 5a monster and when I want a more chill 1a yoyo.
Gelada 2 is my Main 1a yoyo right now.

But an all time favorite is the Forte. I put so much time in that yoyo that I just know how it operates. 🙂

Q: Who are some yoyo players that have been a big influence on your style?

A Oh this is a tough one. For my own style at the beginning I took a lot of influence from Zammy (Daniel Ickler), and still a bunch of stuff from him. A couple of my new tricks I have been moving toward faster tricks instead of my usual weirder tricks. And that influence came mostly from JT Nickel and Aaron Davis. But as far as people inspiring me to push my yo-yoing. Mike Montgomery, my buddy Jace Briggs, and Colter Calvetti have always been there to help with different tricks. Along with tons of other people. Too many to name really! Will Hahn has also helped me a ton with getting better at 5a.

Q Can you tell us a little bit about The Yoyo Show? What made you want to make videos, and what does the future hold for the channel?

A Another good question. I started doing the yo-yo show because I wanted to have something fun that would push my skills. I never expected anyone to watch. More recently the show has gained popularity, and I have for sure slacked on getting videos out about it. But I just got a new setup for the Monkeyfinger Tutorials, and I will be trying to get in front of the camera more often. I think last time I looked at the channel it almost had 100 subscribers which blows my mind. I will be focusing on tricks or trick theory or just fun yo-yo news stories. The main thing I wanted for this was community involvement. If they wanted to see a specific episode they could request it for the show. I didn’t want it to be like I post whatever I want. I wanted to do whatever the community wants. If that makes sense.

Q. You have been extremely involved in the community recently, that’s for certain! I see that you are helping organize Idaho States as well? What can you tell us about that?

A. Yeah I have always tried to help putting my opinion out there. I hope that people don’t think it’s annoying that I talk about monkeyfinger all the time. I did it before I was sponsored because I just love the product. And I don’t think that should change once I am on the team you know? Well Last year there wasn’t an Idaho State contest, and people were trying to figure out who should organize it, and I figured I would give it a shot! At first it was pretty slow moving and hard to see what we wanted. But after a while we could see things fit together. I am pretty sure this is the first time the contest will be in Pocatello. And since we are a sanctioned club at ISU the university is letting us have a venue and a ton of other benefits as well. We are hoping to get a ton of sponsors so we can pass the savings that we are getting on to the competitors and spectators. We want to hold the contest for fun but our main goal is going to be community outreach. We want as many non yoyoers there as possible. I have received a ton of help from Dave Bazan who is going to come up and do school shows. Overall I am super hopeful for this event. Big shout out to the sponsors couldn’t do it without there help!

Q. Well, it’s been great talking with you today! Thank you for the interview, and are there any last things you want to say to our readers?

A. Yeah man thanks for the interview. I would just say keep on throwing and try and make it about the fun. This really is a fun thing to do. And make sure to keep and eye out for some new things from Monkeyfinger. I am pretty excited about it!

You can watch Tyler busting out some sweet combos with his Caesar here in his newest video, called Comeback Kid:

And don’t forget to check out The Yoyo Show here on youtube:

Info on 2015 Idaho States – official website

by Alex Yarusch-Lapierre
Alex is a Canadian thrower, residing in Montreal, and is relatively new to the yoyo community. He used to play in his childhood, walking the dog and rocking the baby all across Montreal. He picked up yoyoing again after he found his dog chewing on his old yoyo, and has found himself even more passionate than before!



Alex is a Canadian thrower, residing in Montreal, and is relatively new to the yoyo community. He used to play in his childhood, walking the dog and rocking the baby all across Montreal. He picked up yoyoing again after he found his dog chewing on his old yoyo, and has found himself even more passionate than before!

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