The road to Maritime Regional YYC -by Bryan Ouellette

Maritime Regional YYC – Held at Caledonia Regional High School

(Maritime is located in western Canada)


Our journey towards the maritime regional competition started in 2012 with a dream and a passion for one common thing, the return top. My name is Bryan Ouellette, I am a teacher of sciences and mathematics for grades 8-12 in my school. This short story in a glimpse into the journey and adventure that is now known as the Maritime Regional YYC.

In 2012 I was visiting my parents for the holidays. During this time, I was going through some boxes that contained some of my old things that were in my room at my parents’ house. It was here, that I found an old return top that my parents had purchased for me many years prior. I decided to just start playing around: walking the dog, rocking the baby and finally the epic finale of the Eiffel tower. I was now officially hooked.

I upgraded my Yoyo to a new beginner yoyo, I needed something new and shiny to show off. I brought my yoyo to the classroom, that’s right, I started showing off in class, right in front of my students. For me, it was just a pass time, kept me busy when the students were on break, or at lunch, but to them, it was so much more.

It took a total of 3 months, and I had 30 students who were using return tops in the hallways of our school, it was an epidemic that no one saw coming. This marked the first competition, we called it the Caledonia Yoyo Competition. We hosted 30 students and had an audience of over 150 people. I knew then, that this would mark the beginning of something immaculate and awesome for the kids and parents in our schools.

The following year, there were so many parents and students interested we evolved from a school competition to a full district competition incorporating all 38 schools. Our competition was televised and hosted 70 students from local area schools and over 300 people in the audience.

From that point on, our competitions grew larger every year. It was in 2014 that the Canadian Yoyo Association decided to recognize our competition as a regional competition. Hosting all Maritime Provinces and giving a 1st place seed to the National Competition. This would also mark the first time that one of our local students traveled out to western Canada to compete in a national contest.

This is how our journey looks so far. It has had many bumps in the road, but at the same time, unbelievable support from the Yoyo community. I look forward to many more competitions in the future and thank everyone who has taken the opportunity to support our events in the form of sponsorships, donations, and overall support for the event in any other way.


By Bryan Ouellette


Editors Note:  This kind of grass roots competition is the key to growing yo-yoing around the world.   If you started a contest, or participate in one, no matter how small, let YoYoSkills know about it.  We want to help you promote it.




















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