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I was super exited when YoYoJam said they were interested in participating in the YoYoSkills reviews program. Why? Well simply put- it means I get to try out more YoYoJam yoyos. So who wouldn’t be exited? In my opinion YoYoJam is an incredible company. If you read Christ Allen’s former reviews on YoYoJam products, I think you’ll see that he feels the same way I do. Let’s face it, we all owe so much to the Dark Magic, the yoyo that put yoyoing back on the map. I think we’ve all played with the Dark Magic, and if you are reading this and you haven’t? Where were you 6 years ago? or was it 5? How old am I now? What day is it?

It’s a thursday, and all kidding aside this review is NOT about the Dark Magic, but about the YoYoJam Revival. The YoYoJam Revival is Grant Johnson’s most recent signature throw. Here is a small blurb from YoYoJam

“For the first time ever, YoYoJam is introducing a fusion of durable celcon plastic with precision machined aluminum rings that actually “wrap” around from its exterior to its interior. The Revival is the most advanced hybrid YoYoJam has ever produced and every little detail of its unique shape was visualized by Grant to match his style and allow for maximum control. ”


This is why I love YoYoJam- they are still coming up with innovative hybrids to make their products better and better and better. Plus they are doing it all right here in the USA. Which, is nothing to overlook. I’ve worked with a ton of companies and manufacturers and getting a YoYo made in the USA is a huge investment. So we can all throw any YoYoJam knowing it was created in a suitable work environment. Thats not to say that all offshore companies are bad- that could not be further from the truth- but I think its important to recognize YoYoJam’s efforts on this.


Fist Impressions:
Right out of the box, the new hybrid fusion is not immediately apparent. We’ve all come to expect such quality from YoYoJam that at first, this yoyo appears to be similar to other hybrid technology. The most striking is the fact that almost the entire outside of the yoyo is metal, with the exception of a small plastic disc in the center. It took me a moment to realize that this was not actually something I had seen from YoYojam before. This peticular yoyo is blue plastic with gold rims. A winning combination. The gold is bright and vibrant and I simply couldn’t wait to play it.


Comfort and Tech:
Diameter: 56.38 mm
Width: 42.36 mm
Gap Width:4.90 mm
Weight: 68.5 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: YYJ Silicone O-Ring
Also Compatible W/ CBC or K-Pad (Slim Pad Size)

The Revival is Grant Johnson’s signature throw. Grant seems like a really cool, down to earth guy with an incredible style. I know that he’s a video artist as well and I think that kind of creativity come throw in his style. What I mean by this is that he doesn’t spend all his time yoyoing, I think its awesome that he has other talents and passions as well. So its no shock that YoYoJam supplied him with this extremely innovative yoyo. It fits his persona well. At 56.38 mm its a full sized yoyo. One that fits well in my hand. My string finger fits comfortably between the two gold metal rims and rests easy on the celcon plastic. The rims have grooved lines around the diameter of the yoyo. These feel nice too, and makes for some pretty solid palm grinding. The rims taper in just a touch. The whole package makes a wonderful H-shaped yoyo. The smoothness of the inner celcon makes it possible to finger grind for a bit, and it also slides the string right to the center of the yoyo. One of the things you’ll learn about me is that I prefer simpler graphics. The Revival’s graphics are simple, they don’t really add anything or take anything away from the construction of the yoyo.

On a Throw
I hate to be OVERLY positive here, I mean I WANT to be more critical. But I mean it when I say YOU HAVE TO THROW THIS YOYO. Remember earlier in the review when I was saying that everyone should have tried a Dark Magic by now? Well you should, but only for nostalgic purposes. The Revival is a HUGE advance in technology from YoYoJam and it deserves more recognition for it. The weight says 68.5 grams, while I am sure that’s true, you don’t feel it. It feels light and fast. It feels hugely stable- the weight is all in the rims and not at the end of the string. The spin time is long and smooth and I bet you can hit even your most difficult tricks on this. I kept walking to put it down after a while of throwing and then saying “Ok just one more throw” Kind of like chocolate chip cookies only the YoYoJam Revival doesn’t make you fat!

Final thoughts
I think the thing I like most about this yoyo is that with all of the innovation of material and design from YoYoJam on this product, you don’t actually ever think about it. You don’t think about it feeling like a metal, or like a plastic. You just think about yoyoing, about all your tricks. Which is perhaps, the highest of compliments. I do think YoYoJam has set a new standard for themselves, which is good, I think companies should consistently be raising the bar on their products. It is because of this that I look forward to all of YoYoJams coming releases. Oh yeah and its $5o. Which, for a made in the USA products with this level of competitive playability is a really good price.

Available at – and other quality yo-yo stores.


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