Takumi Shirasaki – Pushing the Boundaries by Ume

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Takumi Shirasaki is such an undiscovered gem. He is on the Kingyostar team, and yet he is so under rated and under the radar. As you could tell from the video, he is a right handed, frontstyle thrower! A very rare occurrence in the yoyo industry, however the insane trick executions and the rejections and slack he can use due to this reverse spin is simply outstanding. The sheer technicality of string tricks, alongside all of the rejection slacks that utilize the frontstyle spin, is bloody impressive and seriously is something that needs to be put out there and exposed.

People like Takumi are pushing the boundaries of what one can do in yo-yo, rather than the “mainstream” style of yo-yo might suggest. I notice when most throwers throw frontstyle, it tends to be variants of 1.5 mounts and brain twisters and the like. While there isn’t anything wrong with that, wouldn’t it be incredible to watch people toss some mean tech in frontstyle that wouldn’t even be possible in sidestyle? Also, even while being unique, by playing in this different manner, he even manages to create bangers and some of the most insane mine blowing tricks, such as the trick in the video below at 0:39

What a monster at concepts, what a monster at execution, and what a monster at yo-yo as a whole.
Hopefully Takumi, if you’re reading this, PLEASE post more videos!!

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