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Duncan has been in the YoYo game a long time. They do an excellent job sponsoring amazing talent as well as coming out with products for both the hardcore yoyoers and the newbies who saw Janos Karancz on youtube showing the world things the didn’t even know existed.
Your honor I’d like to present exhibit A for the court:

My first Duncan YoYo Review of this year was the STRIX. I referred to that many times as the Goldilocks Zone yoyo. The Duncan Metal Racer, the yoyo I am reviewing today, is very different so I am exited to have such different perspective on a totally different yoyo. The Duncan Metal Racer can appeal to almost anyone, but I would argue that its marketed more towards the “first metal market.” Meaning for players everywhere who are looking to buy their first metal yoyo. Its capable of some advanced play, but I think players everywhere are advancing far more quickly than they have in the past. So the task for Duncan soon becomes: Can you make a yoyo that is beginner friendly and allows for rapid growth? Let’s find out.

Fist Impressions:
COOL! It looks very much like a toy. Its got racing graphics and chrome racing tire rim caps. It looks fun, not just from a yoyoers perspective, but from someone who loves toys. It gives the “I don’t give a sH#* about this packaging I just want to tear it open and play with it” feeling. Which is cool, because thats a nice feeling, that everyone should be so lucky to experience. The rims are very obviously plastic, but when you take the yoyo out of the packaging the metal body of the yoyo is smooth, with a really quality finish on it. My fear of the yoyo being too plastic or too cheap was not a reality. The Metal Racer has a wonderfully constructed metal body. Its a pretty classic Butterfly shape. When I say “butterfly” i mean THE Duncan Butterfly. It is clearly inspired by that shape that we’ve all come to know and love. However this yoyo bring some new elements to the table.


Comfort and Tech:
Diameter: 54mm
Width: 37mm
Weight: 60 grams (without caps)
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Duncan SG Stickers (large bearing)
The yo-yo is also compatible with Mod Spacers (by installing a long enough axle) and Performance Rings.

This is a solid mid-sized yoyo. Maybe a touch on the smaller side (that’s really all relative, depending on what you typically play with) With a 37mm width its quite a bit more narrow that competition yoyos. This is what I like most about the construction of the yoyo. It has that more old school feeling behind it due to its narrow width. The caps come out and pop back in with ease, while never coming out on their own without your intention. The Metal Racer will accept many different style caps. It comes with the plastic chrome rims, but the FHZ caps will fit it as well. Its also compatible with performance rings and mod spacers. I like all this. I wouldn’t want every yoyo on the market to have all of these various possible constructions, but every so often its nice to play with yoyo that you can change, and keep changing. I didn’t really experiment too much with this, but I like the option of playing around with it now, or in the future. To be honest, really like it just without the caps or anything. It’s really fun.

On a Throw
Out of the box the metal racer is responsive. Which is good for those non binding newbies. I played with it for a bit like this, but I quickly started throwing too much at it and knocked a few knuckles. So I put a Konkave bearing in there and let her rip. With the plastic rims in the yoyo it makes a pretty cool wind sound while the yoyo is spinning. Not a whistle or anything, just some resistance from the gaps in the caps. (gaps in the caps would be cool band name) My guess is this wind resistance cuts down on the spin time a bit, but its not really that kind of yoyo. Meaning, if you are REALLY worried about spin time, this probably isn’t the yoyo for you. The Strix will spin for much longer. The sidewalls of this yoyo have a much larger surface area than that of the Strix, or other competition throws. This is the old school feel that I was talking about earlier. It makes the yoyo more responsive with more wraps around the bearing. Often in my reviews you’ll see me write, “it can take any thing I can throw at it” The metal racer just can’t. It is limited to only a couple of string wraps around the bearing. Now this may come across as a negative comment, and perhaps it is to you, but really its just a feature of the yoyo. The high sidewalls allow for tricks that other yoyos cannot, different types of binds and regens, stop and go tricks. Again, giving it just a dash of old school flavor. But this yoyo is not all old school. Remember when I mentioned the finish earlier in this review? Well that’s kind of the kicker here- The Metal Racer has an extremely grind able surface. Allowing for as much if not more grind time that Duncans more expensive counterparts. I was so surprised to see this I stood in my living room for a good half our just finger grinding over and over. Its a feature thats not essential to all metal yoyos, but one that certainly feels like a real win for the Metal Racer.


Final Thoughts
Between the old school sidewalls, new school finish, and countless modding combinations, the Duncan Metal Racer is a solid win from Duncan. Its an excellent first metal and its a wonderful change of pace for someone like myself who has been throwing a ton of new school stuff lately. If nothing else its truly quite unique, there really isn’t anything like this out there right now. Its got a $30 price tag on it, which is a little higher than we’re used to seeing from Duncan with yoyos like this. But I think the put the work in to make that price tag worth it.

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