Mark Mangarin is a Monster! By Ume

Holy moly do I have a monster for you guys today! Mark Mangarin is too much of a monster. He is pushing some boundaries and using some of the strangest, yet oddly most aesthetically pleasing concepts I’ve ever seen.

This just watch this man slaughter yoyo as we know it. The very first trick, uses such incredible arm work, while keeping it smooth and very technical. I can’t even fathom how one can create tricks that look this insane. He uses slacks and whips in new ways that I never could have imagined, and has inspired me to broaden my horizons even more.

My favorite moment of the video happens to be the trick that starts at 0:33. He uses a whip into a crazy arm formation into a strange GT. I am seriously in love with this person’s style. Please post more. And Thank you for being left handed so I can steal your tricks!


Ume writes a social media column for Yoyoskills.  She can be reached at


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