First Ever BC Provincial Yoyo Championships

The BC Provincial Yoyo Championships.   The first ever BC Provincial Yoyo Championships was a hit!  We had a great turnout with over 100 people in attendance.  Yoyoers ranging from complete beginners to two Canadian champions spent the afternoon yo-yoing, competing and generally having a good time.  The day started with a kendama contest hosted by our friends at Terra Kendama. This included 2 difficulty levels and was great fun!


From there we moved onto the Sport Ladder.  This was a tight race won by Ryan Cooper.


The under 13 division was next. 2013 (Harrison Lee) and 2014’s (Luckey Li) Canadian Champions judged this event, which was really exciting for the kids.  I was amazed by the skill of some of these youngsters.  They were given 1 minute to wow the audience with their best tricks, and they succeeded!  Our top 3 have been working very hard and earned the spot!


The Open division was as small group this year, but skilled!  The audience was amazed by the combination of offstring yoyos flying around, insanely fast counterweight play and even the ever elusive 2a player! We finished with the 1a Championship division.  It was a neat race to watch.  The range of styles between Luckey Li’s high risk tricks (1st), to Harrison’s intensely technical style (2nd) and lightning fast Boming Wang.  The crowd was amazed. One of the many highlights of the day were the volunteers.  Many parents stepped in to help, including our school Librarian who spent the day making popcorn and coffee for attendees.  In Vancouver we are lucky enough to have a number of players to volunteer to judge contests.


We had a great audience turnout as well.


All in all this was a great contest and I look forward to next year! (Note: if you want some player pictures as well so far the only ones that have been uploaded are here Read more about the contest in the Vancouver local paper.

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