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The Efreet Fire YoYo is here.

Where do I begin? Ok, so… you can light this yoyo ON FIRE.

There is a ton you need to know about this yoyo. The most important piece of information to take home is that yes, I’m going to say it again, you can light it on fire. It’s unresponsive, large, and flammable. Plus, I didn’t burn anything in the yard and I still have BOTH eyebrows.


Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

I’ve been talking with Martin Antonov from Efreet. He is the leader behind this project and a really nice guy. YoYoSkills has an exclusive interview coming later this week with him. So I am not going to go into that now. But the answer is Effreet YoYos they are base out of Sofia, Bulgaria. He is 23 years young.

If you’ve read this far you’ve seen me write it 4 times now. It’s a fire yoyo. Let me get into it for a bit. The Efreet Fire yoyo is a 64mm diameter yoyo that has the capability to light a wick on the side of the yoyo aflame. Out of the box, the most striking feature about the yoyo is in fact the specs. It is big, heavy and has a secret coating on the outside of the yoyo. Here is the full list of specs here:
64mm diameter
50mm width
4.6mm gap
76g 83g 90g
weight / +stacks / +disk stack
7075 aluminum
Secret coating


The fire yoyo, comes in a nice wooden box, comes packed up with a sticker, two wick stacks and 1 disk stack. It also arrives in a limo. (no it does not.) It also comes with a nice little warning flyer, which is appropriate. If your like me, you never could build a full lego set because you would shred open the package out of excitement and lose some of the pieces. But being a bit older now, I find myself with a touch more patience. Which, I am going to tell you now… is ESSENTIAL to have with this yoyo. Your not going to open it and be lighting it on fire within minutes. It takes thought, attention, and trial and error. Efreet has a wonderful guide on how to set up your fire yoyo here Thats a pretty useful page. So I won’t repeat whats there being as that is coming direct from the manufacturer. Essentially, you have two options you can use wick stacks or you can use a disk stack to insert your own wick into the yoyo. You then dip that in lamp oil, and BOOM! No, not boom, just a lit yoyo. It is basically an old school candle built into the side of your yoyo. Tuning the wick to how you like it takes some serious time. You don’t want it too short, too long, to soaked, or too dry. It’s no small task to set up, but I rather enjoy engulfing myself in these types of projects.

This yoyo is big and slow, which is a really nice change of pace from whats out there lately. It plays really great without any of the wicks attached to it. So much so that Efreet made a non fire version. The 64 and the 56 (which refer to both of their diameters) I’ll touch on those later in the week when we hear from Martin. I will say that those are extremely exiting as well. The stacks obviously affect the play, but when you reach the point of lighting your yoyo on fire, your not really thinking too much about a perfectly balanced yoyo. When you put the disk stack on one side, add a wick and some lamp oil, you are going to experience wobble. This is not really a criticism, just a heads up for all you potential fire yoyoers.

It comes with a kevlar glove to keep your hand safe from the heat of the yoyo. I used it, I didn’t get burnt, all was well with that. The disk is supposed to allow some non glove play. But I won’t lie, I kept the glove on and did NOT test to see how hot I could get the yoyo.

You really have to think about things one throw at a time, which I wasn’t used to at first. To date I’ve mostly used the disk stack. It is the easiest to set up. Like I said, it does create some imbalance in the yoyo, but I really wasn’t thinking about that. You’ll have to really tune the wick to how you want it to work. They didn’t burn too long for me. 1-2 minutes, but my guess is that with the proper adjustments, you could have the yoyo lit for a lot longer. You just kinda have to commit to it. Which I think it my summation of this yoyo. Does it work? yup! watch the video! But it takes commitment. Not only in it’s price tag (which is actually shockingly low for the amount of engineering) but it takes commitment in getting it to work how you want it to. It’s nothing like the lightup yoyos that are on the market now. There is so little resemblance that I actually can’t think of two things that are more different. Cat’s and…breadsticks? So be prepared for that. It’s essentially a brand new skill toy. It takes a whole new set of skills. It is kind of like fixed axle play in the sense that you really have to learn a whole new set of tricks.

I think this yoyo is awesome. With the high grade aluminum and the secrete coating the yoyo really didn’t get too hot for me. I love that Efreet set out and met their goal. Don’t mistake my cautions of commitment for distaste. I think this yoyo is a blast, but I hope that I can help make players clear in what they are getting into. Its a whole new fiery world. I can’t wait to see what people come up with.

Here is a Efreet Video with a blacklight. You can see they’re wick is smaller than mine, allowing for a much slower burn. Also their tricks a way HOTTER!

This project has been happening for a while, almost 2 years in the making I think. But the best answer I can think to when is….now. Right. Now.

This is the first playable yoyo you can light on fire. We’ve all seen yoyos in all shapes and sizes and I think that this was an awesome task for Efreet to take on. Ive seen tons of fire props in my day, juggling balls, clubs, poi, diabolo, and there has been a void in the skill toy world without a fire yoyo. Plus…why not?

How d0 you get one?
Right here

Congrats Efreet!



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