Austin Cook – Next level Trick Construction – by Ume

Austin Cook, my man Austin Cook here is the epitome of modern tech and “holy crap that’s gonna be a knot. Oh wait- nevermind” style play. It’s not quite enough to describe how amazing I find it, that someone could even create tricks that are so complicated and just groove and flow so much while he plays. The trick construction he has is seriously next level, it’s a mystery how he’s still an unsponsored player! The most impressive part? How long he can throw down combos, such as the first trick in the video. He pulls off this insanely long, super technical trick with such a laid back flow but maintains such speed. It’s just so unique and too pleasing to the eye.
My words can’t do this player justice, please just watch the video, and all of his candy tutorials. You will have your mind expanded and your style will change for the better.


Ume writes a social media column for Yoyoskills.  She can be reached at


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