Malcom Chiu; Master of Slacks and Lacerations by Ume

Malcom Chiu is the master of slacks and lacerations. His youtube channel persists of mainly videos showing his new laceration/whip achievements, and they are all insane, go take a look!

Now the video above is the most recent full length video he’s put out. He may not have many, but each one is so great to watch over and over because you notice a new trick every time. The first minute shows off his incredibly tight technical play and some ridiculous bangers. They are literally impossible to understand unless you see the slow-mo, which thank the lord he included, you would have no idea what happened. Then he shows off quite a few picture tricks that all look so crisp and fantastic. 1:33 DOUBLE TOWER 3D WHIP. 1:43 STAR OF DAVID. 1:50…. WHAT. 2:37 dead yoyo to star?! 3:41 is most likely the classiest looking way to get to a star ever. 4:05… Holy crud all that whipping. To that laceration tower. I can’t understand how any of that works even with the slow-mo.

I don’t think anyone can possibly be able to top him in sheer ability to be able to land these tricks. Bravo.


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