Black’s Journey to Yo-Yo Mastery and the Importance of Presentation by Ume

Today, we will talk about how sometimes showmanship, and simplicity sometimes trumps complexity.
I’m sure you’ve all heard the term “back to the basics”, which is exactly how I feel about Black’s yoyo style. He is an artistic performer, not a technical player/competitor.

The video above has over 1.5 million hits and is not only a beautiful display of artistic passion by this incredible man, but he gives a great speech about his journey into the world of yoyos, what he wanted to accomplish, what he has achieved, and how he is finally living his dream of performing and showing people of his passion.

Obviously it’s very fun to see how amazing bangers, and slacks, tech, and all sorts of modern and all the crazy stuff nowadays, but it’s also still amazing to see people, like Black, who have such a different approach.  Instead of creating the most unique tricks, be crafted the basics into a display of art. Even if you can do every trick in the performance, you cannot copy his style or his execution or his passion.

The main lesson I took away from this video is that a great yoyo performance is so much more than yoyo skills.  Black demonstrates that presentation, style and passion go along way in making a good performance a great performance.


Ume writes a social media column for Yoyoskills.  She can be reached at


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