National YoYo League Changes (location) #yoyoskills

“We’d like to thank Tyler Severance and Patrick Borgerding for being the catalysts behind this move…they put in a tremendous amount of work to produce a viable proposal and strategy for us to move the event, and we couldn’t have done it this year without them. Thanks, Tyler and Patrick!”

It’s awesome to see some younger faces behind this move. My sincerest congrats to both Tyler and Patrick for working so hard to help this awesome community grow and expand. Plus we have Bryan Figueroa who hit all of us up with a new logo design! There is nothing I love more than seeing other amazing talents that ridiculously good yoyoers have. I really hope that these faces will help the National YoYo League redefine themselves. I think an new venue and logo are an awesome place to start.

I should say, before you continue reading, that this is an editorial. In other words, all of this is just my opinion. I’m not a fan of the National YoYo League, I helped organize the New York State YoYo Contest last year. I tried really hard to get it sanctioned by the National YoYo league because at the time, I thought it was a necessary step. I was denied, and they told me that they were giving the New York Contest to another, more seasoned contest organizer. (who’s contest never did happen) I moved on with my contest checklist because I had already generated enough interest to move forward with the event anyway. I was sad not to be backed by the National YoYo league but I really just wanted to have a yoyo event. So I did. I think they later came back and ASKED if they could sanction the contest. I don’t really even remember how it turned out. I think they did? In their defense, I think they even apologized. My point is, it didn’t matter one way or another. People had a really good time at the New York Contest, and that was really all I cared about.

This is why I was so happy to see these names that appear to be taking the leadership roles for the National YoYo League. I think it’s really going to help the yoyoing community. More often than not, contest results have left spectators scratching their heads thinking… how DID they judge that? So perhaps that’s the next big change we’ll see from contest?



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