The New York Yo-Yo Slam, Featuring the LYS System

This is a continuing commentary on the new Live Yo-Yo Scoring system that we will be using in the New York Contest in Rochester, on September 19th on the main stage at the Strong National Museum of Play.


We’ve gotten a lot of feedback, both positive and negative, and some really helpful insight on how to tweak the contest to make it even better.  While this will be like no other yo-yo contest, it is our first go at it, so we have an open mind on modifications we can make to improve it.

One such modification is the name.  It really surprised me at how many people had issues with the name.  The New York State Yo-yo Contest.  Let me just explain something about yo-yo contests that many of you already know, but a surprising number of players don’t quite get.  Here it is in a nutshell.  Anyone can put on a Yo-Yo Contest, and anyone can call it whatever they want.  You can’t call it something that someone else has a claim to, for instance, the NYYL New York Yo-Yo Contest, that would be wrong because it is not the NYYL’s contest.  You could not call it the Yomega New York State Yo-Yo Contest, unless Yomega agreed.  This is because, NYYL and Yomega are entities that would need to give their permission.  But you can call it the New York State Yo-Yo Contest, or the Texas Yo-Yo Contest, or anything else that is not infringing on anyone’s name.

The current New York State Yo-Yo Contest was started by me.  It was not in anyway affiliated with the NYYL.  But there was no NYS contest and we felt there should be one.  In fact, the NYYL did not support it and did not want to sanction it.  But we were going to do a The New York State Contest anyway.  Then the NYYL changed their mind and sanctioned the contest.  Which meant we had to follow their rules.  Which we did.  This year, we decided to change the contest (the LYS system).  So obviously it is not sanctioned by the NYYL .  But this doesn’t mean it is no longer the New York State Yo-Yo Contest.  It’s the same organization that started the NYS contest without the NYYL, and continues to run it.  Anyone who thinks that any State contest needs to be sanctioned by the NYYL is just wrong.  It doesn’t work that way.  Nobody owns the rights to any State Yo-Yo Contest.

That being said, so many people had misconceptions around this and became fixated on the name that we felt it was detracting from the bigger picture.  This is a new kind of contest that will be run completely different and scored completely different.  So with that, we are very proud to introduce the New York State Yo-Yo Slam, featuring the Live Yo-Yo Scoring System.

So I encourage everyone who is interested in Yo-Yoing and Yo-Yo contests, to like The New York Yo-Yo Slam facebook page.   We will continue to update this page on developments.

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The New York Yo-Yo Slam, Featuring the LYS Scoring System


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