I gotta be honest, I was rooting for Ben Conde all day long. Ben has done a lot to kind of revitalize the 4a scene in yoyoing. His 4a performance at the 2011 was and may still be, the best yoyoing performance I’ve ever seen in person. Ben along with Bryan Figueroa’s fiesta promotional video from 2010 produced by sector y really pushed people to dive into the offstring community. Philip White sent me a design for the saturn v a year or so ago. We had it produced and I really fell in love with 4a. Christopher Chunn has been getting me pretty exited about 4a all over again, so there is tons of inspiration out there. This years wyyc was no different. The best part about watching these guys is that most of them feel MORE comfortable with offstring than most of us feel with a 1a yoyo in hand.

I was rooting for Ben. Zac looked a little stiff but was proud that he placed 6th. It was clearly the USA vs. Japan which just made it all the more exiting to watch. Ben deserved higher in my opinion. Rei Iwakura, was excellent (that guy oozes positivity on stage) but if you watch his performance next to Bens you would choose Ben’s every time. Naoto Onishi had a damn good routine, no doubt about it. But it left me just nodding my head rather than pumping my fists. Whatever the results, its awesome to see so much excellence from 4a competitors. So take 15 minutes today and watch and/or rewatch these videos.

2015World 4A Final 01 Naoto Onishi

2015World 4A Final 02 Takumi Yasumoto

2015World 4A Final 03 Rei Iwakura

2015World 4A Final 04 Michael Nakamura

2015World 4A Final 05 Ben Conde

2015World 4A Final 06 Zac Rubino


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