The New York Yo-Yo Slam ReCap

We couldn’t have been happier with the way the New York Yo-Yo Slam turned out. The format was a big hit with players as well as the audience. We attracted more non Yo-yo Players than any other contest I’ve been involved in and hopefully got some new people into yo-yoing.

Congrats to Philip White, who took first place in 1A as well as the open division.

The top 5 1a winners were;
1st Philip White – New York
2nd Doug Kapinos – Massachsetts
3rd Stuart – White New York,
4th Michael Maddaux – Toronto
5th was Philip Tian – China

We also did a Banger contest which was won in spectacular style by Coffin Nachtmahr.
Here’s a link to the video of his trick if you haven’t seen it yet:

The TV show is in production. Lots of editing to do. We have a few potential deals to air it to a broad (hopefully national) audience.

A huge thank you to the sponsors that were willing to step up and support something new.
One Drop
Twisted Stringz
Bahama Kendama
Monkey FingeR
King Yo Star

Thanks to the Judges, Jumario Simmons, Jow Showers, and Dan Dietz. This format allowed for judges feedback, and it was a was a great feature. It gave the players advice on how to improve their routines as well as giving the audience some insight into what goes into these incredible displays of skill.

The audience participation in the voting of the finals was also a big hit. The audience was engaged and was part of the process. Their cumulative vote counted for 25% of the final score. This part of the contest was a real experiment. We didn’t know where the audience would come out as compared to the judges. Interesting to note that in the end the audience score was very close to the judges scores. Had we just judged on the audience score, the standings would have been the same in the end, with one exception in 5th and 6th place. Overall, I would say it worked out just as we had hoped. The audience was great!

A big thanks to the Strong Museum of Play for hosting this event; the venue couldn’t have been any better.

Most of all; a huge thank you to all the players that participated. By showing off your skills in this format you’ve done more than you know in helping to grow yo-yoing.

In sum – The Yo-Yo Slam format was a hit. Hopefully it will be a catalyst for bringing yo-yoing to thousands of people who haven’t been exposed to what great yo-yoing looks like. Much more to come…


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