#TBT 3 Legends from YoYoJam by Ume

#TBT 3 legends from YYJ.

Ben Conde, Yoshi Mikamoto, and Grant Johnson came together to make a promo video for the YYJ Theory, and completely crushed the game 2 years ago. I wanted to make a #TBT series to show off some older videos that newer yoyoers may not have seen, or just to help the more seasoned yoyoers remember a great video!
The video starts off with Ben killing it with a fingerspin washing machine style trick to a clean bind finish. I love that he used a regen to reverse the spin and then binded it in the reverse way from a usual fingerspin. It makes the trick look that much flashier and the light usage of slo-mo emphasizes the difficulty of the bind and really shows off the trick. Movie magic at its simplest and finest. His next trick isn’t even describable, he just whips the string around his arm and then I have no idea how to even fathom the trick he does. It looks so clean and has such a different feel from most tricks out there, innovation at its finest.
Then comes my favorite part, the transition of the players, they put the yoyo down and the next player comes out and grabs it. Simple but effective and pleasing to the eye. It’s the little things that matter!

Yoshi Mikamoto throws down a complicated chopstick combo then follows with a ridiculous slack catch to a GT. Again perfect usage of slo-mo to really show off the meat of the trick and really get you to see what’s happening. Then Yoshi throws a 2.5 whip in FRONT STYLE and I lost it. He completely caught me off guard with that whip as well as surprised me with how creative the sheer idea of the whip was. Perfect ending to your segment, my hat goes off to you Yoshi.
And Lastly Grant Johnson starts off with a seasick variant and quickly starts to go into a beautiful slack combo. Then he throws down his signature between the arms sort of style with a 3D twist to the trick around 1:45. He finishes the video off with the most ridiculous suicide I’ve ever seen, as well as the most difficult and most aesthetically pleasing suicide of all time. I can’t even figure out how he kept that loop open when he threw that string around, it’s absolutely incredible.
This video is a gem and should never be forgotten, by far one of the best videos of its time, and the tricks are way ahead of their time.


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