Every time Kyle Derry drops a video he always kills it! #TBT By Ume

Fragments – Kyle Derry

Kyle Derry is someone whom I’ve been watching for a few years now. He may not be incredibly active in the community, however every time he drops a video he always kills it.

Starting at the concept for the trick at 0:20, I’m incredibly jealous at his ability to just sling the yoyo and string around in ways that don’t seem possible and yet still fall together and work out.

The Trick right after, Roflcopter was just surprising to me, I never would have imagined such a visual on a trick before and the way he executes it is so clean and is such a refreshing a sleek trick.

At 1:02 he begins with Cracked out, and it really shows off not only his technical ability, but how accurate he is with string hits as well as how creative he can get in tighter string configurations.

From 2:38 and forward he shows his accuracy, his ability to create unique mounts, his ability to be technical, and then shock value as well. The combo he pulls off is one of the best I’ve ever seen.


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