Ben Conde will be a Legend #TBT- by Ume

Ben Conde 2011 World YoYo Contest AKA best freestyle ever.

When I’m deciding what videos to make a talk through of, I always think “what videos do EVERYONE need to see?” and I remembered this gem. Ben Conde 2011 Worlds.
This performance may not have won, however his performance will never be forgotten.
He performs on sync to his music, he absolutely destroys some monster bangers, and he did it all with a smile on his face.
Ben Conde knows how to please an audience with huge risky grind binds and flips and tricks that even in the community of bangers, they’re considered nuts.
He always takes huge risks on stage, and when he messes up, he shows us a trick even cooler than the one he screwed up. He knows how to work a stage and keep the audience captivated even if he isn’t nailing all of his tricks.
Ben Conde will be a legend, if not for just this performance alone, along with his forever growing arsenal of bangers.


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