Janos Karancz in the First Person #TBT – By Ume

Janos Karancz in the First Person

Watching Janos Karancz in the first person is a dream come true. You get to pretend to be one of the most innovated world champions, as well as one of the most technically difficult players of our time.
In the Beginning of this video, just watching the little innovations in each sliver of trick is exciting to see in this point of view. The trick at 0:20 excites me the most because of how interesting the concept behind the trick is and how incredible it is that he pulled it off.
The way he just pulls the yoyo through string after string after string and drops down to a sleeper and then just pulls of a complicated whip into another tight technical sequence again and again after countless crazy whips and slacks.
It’s also amazing just watching how Eiffel towers and stars and all kinds of crazy pictures just appear out of nowhere when you watch Janos play, he just seems to understand how string works in a way different from anyone else it seems. Then he shows off his entries into finger spin binds, and puts us all to shame.


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  1. November 5, 2015 @ 2:47 pm Doctor Popular

    That trick at :19 is my favorite part of the video too, I’m glad I’m not alone in that. The whole video is great, but that simple little trick is so charming and unique.


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