Josh Yee – A Well Oiled Machine – By Ume

Josh Yee – Revitalize

Watching Josh Yee yoyo is like watching a well-oiled machine do its job just right. Everything is smooth and clean, the string moves around as if an extension of his fingers and the tricks are all bonkerz to watch.

At 1:08 when he chopsticks it and jiggles it around, I’m not sure what happens during that motion I just know it made the entire trick to me and looks stellar as well as adds such a flare to the entire trick.

Then he throws this repeater at 2:04 that I just don’t understand but it looks better than any seasick I’ve ever seen.

He continuously throws out elements that are so simple yet it looks near impossible to land.

It’s also amazing how he can keep the tricks very compact and just in a very small area while still making an impact as if he were using his entire body to yoyo.


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  1. November 9, 2015 @ 8:29 am Emil

    Agreed! And like how Josh posts past videos of other yoyoers, to remind or edify, this could be one of those videos that, in 3-5 years, someone will re-share saying, “Look what Josh was doing back in 2014!”


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