Augie Fash: Hometown Hero – 2013 #TBT – by Ume

Augie Fash: Hometown Hero

A lot of good things happened 2 years ago! Last week you witnessed the YYJ crew killing it, and now you get you see another legend kill it.

Augie Fash has been in the game a long time, and this video was iconic to me. It displayed the entire spectrum of his yoyo style, the precision and skill he has, and the cinematography is on point, clean and the string is crisp. He starts off throwing an almost “fixed axle” style combo by using regens. This video is full of tricks that are all incredibly shocking, such as at 0:20 he does something like blackhops over his neck, and right after he pulls out this weirdly 3D but not quite figure 8.

He continues to show off elements that are almost uniquely his own and that no one in the game has even come close to getting as clean as he has. The best example of this would be his consistent usage of chopsticks, and his ability to do chopstick pops consistently and cleanly. A slightly less obvious, but still prominent element he uses quite a bit is bouncing the yoyo off the string and using that to accelerate and add flow to his trick.

At 2:05 he begins an entire section of whips and slacks and the like. He throws down some insane whip repeaters and showcases some incredibly new school takes on a classic old school trick.
Of course we also have to highlight his technical ability such as at around 3:00, and then at 3:20 he blows us away by throwing down a “look ma no eyes!” trick. He stares into the soul of his views and just combos away in his signature bouncy tech.

And last but not least. Rest in peace Augie’s yoyo. You helped him create a legendary video.


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